Our big secret

Monday, April 18, 2011

Finnnnnnnnnnnallly, I can stop holding my tongue.  and no, we're not pregnant (geez).  It's even crazier news:  WE'RE MOVING!

I am not good at keeping secrets, but I have been half-holding my mouth shut for the past 6 months with this information and I think I deserve some kind of praise.  (go ahead, praise me, please).  When we found out, I told my sisters only, oh, and my best friends, and brandon's best friend.  Okay, so I don't need that much praise, but that's pretty good for ME.  Shout out to our parents who miraculously also kept the secret for the past three weeks (hi, parents!)

Bud is getting a district change with his job and we are moving back closer to our hometown, which is super exciting because it means we'll be closer to family.  He is getting the Johnstown, and surrounding stores and later this year will be doing a grand opening for a new store!
Although we're really excited to be closer to family and friends; its still bittersweet leaving our first house.  We love the neighborhood, and our family & friends that live here, and our house.  It was the perfect house for our life right now and we were really lucky to live here.

Outside of the excitement and a little bit of sad, what this all means for us right now, is that we're in a state of complete chaos.  Bud is relocating on MAY 2...as in 2 weeks from now and to make our time of separation as short as possible we need to hurry up and do these things: 
1. make necessary fixes to the current house (finish painting bathroom, move fire pit, etc)
2. list house on the market
3. pack entire house
4. find a temporary place to live that allows pets, and babies, and wives that are a little crazy
5. move

And while we're doing all that ^...we are also doing all this:
1. tab in Kansas City for work this week
2. Easter in Johnstown
3. wedding in Indianapolis last week of April
4. bachelorette party in PIT first week of May
5. wedding in Huntingdon second week of May (hi, Wells!)
6. bachelor party in DC third week of May
7. wedding in Johnstown fourth week of May
8. wedding shower in PIT fourth sunday of May (hi, Ninny!)
9. bachelor/ette party in PIT first week in June
10. wedding shower in Lancaster second week of June (hi, Karp!)
...oh yea, and working full time, and taking care of a baby, and a dog, and two cats.  whew.

If you're wondering why I'm blogging instead of doing anything on the list...its because writing relieves stress for me...and writing it all down makes it seem a little less than how it all feels in my head.  Anyway, so glad I don't have to hold in all this craziness anymore.  Sorry in advance, but its going to be a lot of unloading on ya'll over the next couple of weeks.  hah!


  1. Congratulations! That is exciting. Good luck with all that you have to do. I still don't know how you keep it together :)

  2. That's very exciting!!! Good luck! As a "to-do list writer" myself, I know yours will be long, but at least you'll be organized.

  3. For no reason whatsoever I thought you were going to say you were moving to Baltimore and I got really excited. Regardless yayy congrats!!