Swimming in February

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We were invited to Splash Lagoon to celebrate Gregg's birthday.  No, Gregg is not a child, he's actually our Man-Child 27th birthday celebrating friend.  So we happily joined him for a full out big kid birthday party and enjoyed a day tucked away from snow outside in the ultra humid, happy water park in ERie.

happy birthday big boy!  hahha

As a lover of swimming, Grey had a blast.

Then he was very tired.

After a full day swimming and enjoying the heat - we headed over to Gregg & Cera's house to enjoy dinner and a few drinks.  Grey and Cooper (Gregg & Cera's son) got to have their first real play date together!

And then Greyson teased the heck out of her two labs because he thinks that every dog should want to play keep away like Bullet.

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