February Kindness: Cookies for the Local Fireman

Friday, February 25, 2011

Our February kindness is one of my favorites because for starters it involves fireman...and what kind of grown woman would I be if I couldn't admit that I have serious crush on hunky men that wear uniforms (that doesn't exclude postal workers, UPS delivery men, police officers, or the army recruiter at the mall...I'm just sayin' that when my husband wore his toolbelt for the sunroom reno I wasn't complaining about the view).  Whoa, sorry for the digress...and then secondly, this month's kindness is super easy and requires little time or effort...but usually warrants big smiles.

So this year, I purchased the already ready-to-pop-in-the-oven cookies from the grocery store and whipped them up in an afternoon during Booboo's nap.  Then I wrote a little thank you note letting them know that we are grateful that they are brave and generous.  Later that day, we headed over to the local volunteer fire department to drop them off..

But then no one was at the fire station!  I did contemplate for about a half a minute calling 911... and saying It's not emergency, its just that I'm standing outside the fire house with my 10 month old who would probably get a kick out of the fire trucks and I have cookies for Valentines day...and I put mascara on just for the trip, ya know because of the firemen...so could you tell someone to come over even though its not an emergency and even though they are volunteers and even though its a holiday...but I figured maybe that sounded a little crazy for a Monday afternoon.

So LIKE A TOTAL CREEP, I left the container of cookies & the thank you note on the Firehouse stoop.  Its still unclear as to whether the cookies were enjoyed by grateful firemen...or if they had to call in a SWAT team because a suspcious package was sitting at their door.  I haven't heard anything about the latter on our local news station, so I'm hopeful that the former was the case. 

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