Re-arrange and Re-new

Thursday, February 24, 2011

As part of our minimalism resolution, I've been going on serious room re-arranging madness of of recently.  This is not a new trait of mine, just ask Brandon's college roommates...his roommate Kevin is actually quoted in our wedding scrapbook as saying, "Tab was always coming to visit and re-arranging the living room furniture.  It was nice."  hahhha.  Its like an immediate and free facelift when you re-arrange furniture in a room and give it a new perspective.  And although re-arranging furniture does not, at first glance, seem like an act of minimalism...the act of re-arranging forced us to get rid of some through the hoop and under the was.  so there.

I started in our bedroom, I actually randomly started moving the night stands one Saturday morning and yelled into Brandon in the other room, honey, I'm doing something irrational right either come help me or talk me out of it.  He got a look at what I was doing and decided it was better to join in than fight me on it.  So we took apart our huge bed and dressers and played musical furniture all afternoon.  Since we were moving things all around, we couldn't just continue to turn a blind eye to all the dust that was icing the dressers...or all the papers and clutter covering the desk.  So we started throwing things out and putting stuff in junk piles. 

mid re-arrange...mess.
Booboo is in an adventure!
After 3 hours, we had a new, clean room with considerably less clutter. 

Then a few days later, I got another re-arrange itch and started on the baby's room.  Through the process of moving things around, I took stock of all the clothes that he has outgrown but still took up space in his room.  They've now been packed up in the storage room and are awaiting the next boy kid we might be lucky to get in the future.  Now he's got a lot more floor space to play around on and we were even able to move some toys that had been littering the living room back into his room.  Greyson gives it a thumbs up - he loves it now.

Previous arrangement:

woohoo!  floor playing space galore!

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