Enjoy your Valentines flowers longer!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Some girls turn their noses up at flowers, "they just die anyway," they cry.  I am NOT one of those girls.  I absolutely love fresh flowers in the house and for reasons uncomprehendable to me, my husband rarely brings me flowers - despite the fact that I tell him repeatedly that I love them, AND despite the fact that he manages a grocery store that sells them...at discount prices.  I know, I love him - but goodness man.  No matter - when I do get them - I want to cherish them for as long as possible.  So here's a very easy tip I picked up from Real  Simple magazine...or Martha Stewart...or some other place where amazing ideas abound.

When you get your fresh flowers - snip off the bottoms at angle and leave in a tall vase in a very prominent place (say, dining room table or kitchen counter) and show off to any visitors.  As the days pass, make sure to get rid of anything that starts wilting early (like baby's breath or other filler).  Dead/brown flowers can make the whole bouquet look shabby.

These were NOT my flowers - but mine are equally beautiful:)
After a few days (usually its about 5 days for me), they'll start looking a little less vibrant but will usually have opened up quite a bit - so you'll have these big open flowers - that you know will be wilting in no time.  Take each stem and cut off about 2 inches - again at an angle.  You may have to trash a few flowers because they just didn't make it, but you should be left with a couple big, fully bloomed ones.  Then place them in a shorter vase or I like to use a short juice pitcher that we have.  These folks used a short bucket which is just as cute.  When I get to this stage, I usually set them up on the window sill behind my sink - they'll get tons of sun and they make me smile while I'm making coffee too early in the morning.

happiness in a bucket!
 So after a few more days (give or take 3), you'll start to notice that many of the flowers are starting to kick the bucket (hah, pun intended) and it might be time to say buhbye to your beautiful reminder of your adoring partner.  Alas - don't give up just yet!  There are always those 1-3 flowers that are the fighters and are clinging on to dear life.  Discard the deads (rest in peace) and clip the final couple flowers another time - again at an angle.  Leave about 2-3 inches of stem and grab a short juice glass.  Toss those babies in the cup  (or a tea cup like this one is equally adorable and kind of chic) and place it somewhere cozy.  Since its such a small arrangment - it will look a little pathetic in your original, prominent place.  I like to put my on my nightstand so that I see it first thing in the morning.  It should last another 2-3 days and look at you - You've squeezed a whole week and a half out of those flowers and they looked beautiful and new each day!

good morning:)

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  1. Thank you for this! I cut my Valentine's Day tulips today. Hope they last a few more days..