how to: make your big sister scream on the top of her lungs

Thursday, April 4, 2013

that's easy!  Get engaged!!!!

That's right, my little sister Kayla is getting married!!?!?!!?!!!  She facetime'd us on the evening of March 6th - which wasn't all that exciting because she normally facetimes the kids.  So I just put the two of them in front of the iPad and stay behind the scenes.  Kayla talked to them for a minute and then this exact conversation transpired:

Kayla:  Where's your Mum?
Me (as I grab iPad away from innocent, blessed children):  What?!?!  I'm about to scream!
Kayla (as she lifts up her hand to the camera):  Look what I got :)
Kayla:  hahhahahaha
Me (to B):  Honey, I love you, but please take the children up to their bath immediately.  I need to talk to my baby sister now.  Goodbye, I love you, thank you, bye.

And then we giggled and talked for another 20 minutes until her future brother-in-law beeped in.
And then I promptly called our baby-baby sister and this exact conversation happened:

Me:  Hi.  You knew and didn't tell me?!?!
Tasha:  hahha, I know, sorry.
Me:  How do you always know things before everyone else?  (see here)
Tasha:  Because I'm a snoop.
Me:  True.

A few days ago, I opened the mailbox to find a letter inside addressed to me in a handwriting that looked very familiar.  I ripped it open (while sitting in the car) and realized it was from Kayla and she is already a way cooler bride than I ever was - duh.  She sent each of her bridesmaids a 'contract' for our duties leading up to the day.  And instead of going all bridezilla on us (like this crazy person), she made it so sweet and adorable that I could not stop smiling.  She also included pictures of the two of us together and I nearly burst into tears.

Then this exact phone conversation happened:

Kayla:  Did the postman come today?
Me:  Um, YES!  Are you the most adorable bride ever?  And you know I'm blogging about that, right?

My sister, Kayla, is a lucky girl for lots of reasons (like having me for a big sister - hah! and her handsome, nice fiance who buys her a big, shiny ring, and her kitty Miles that we all seriously love), but mainly right now she's lucky because she is part of the "I am having my wedding while Pinterest exists" generation...which I was not.

So now, you should all feel very grateful to Pinterest that they recently enabled 'Secret boards' otherwise, you would be subject to a lot of wedding/bridesmaid/flowergirltutudresses/bacheloretteparty pin-mania.

So let's have a giant hip, hip, hooah! (Kayla's a National Guard Vet) for my brave, beautiful, awesome, kick-a$s, little sis.  I can't think about this much longer because then I start hyperventilating and my face starts hurting from smiling.  Oh sheesh, its going to be a long year!

no way are we going to be able to be better than the speech they did for me.  ah!  the pressure!!


  1. Ahhh this is precious!! Congrats Kayla! I would love to read the entire contract and YES I am of course a crazy "secret" wedding pinner!!

  2. I definitely cried at my contract...

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you :) Your are the best! I am glad you are as excited as Me & Ryan (&miles) are :D Yay Wedding prep!
    [thank you Allyson & sorry for making you cry Sara Dee ;) ]