peace, please.

Friday, April 19, 2013

I am working on a sweet little post about all the ways we try to get our pre-schoolers energy out during the winter months.  It's cute and has happy pictures and I was having a good time combing through my winter photo albums and pulling out all of our activities.

And then I made the mistake of checking facebook for a minute and now I'm just sad and tired.

I have not been watching the news.
I have not been frequenting facebook (for the exact reason mentioned above).
I have not been checking news blogs or online newspapers.

I just don't have it in me to read about what is happening in Boston right now.
I just can't stomach it.

But above all, I cannot stand to read my newsfeed.
The newsfeed filled with battle cries for blood of the second suspect.

Why is the justice for bloodshed only more bloodshed?
Why are my 'friends' exclaiming their approval for the death of a young person (a child by some standards).  By no means am I making light of what happened.  It was awful and horrible and unforgivable and there is a need for justice for the city and for everyone who was affected.
But I am horrified and embarrassed to live in world where we rally together to call out for the death of another human.

I have refused to be a part of those mobs before.
And I cannot be a member of them now.
It is not in my spirit to call for the hanging of my fellow man.
It is, however, in my nature to pray for justice to be served and peace come to those that were affected.

I will finish my winter blues post some other time this weekend, because right now I need to stare at my napping babies and pray that their hearts always be filled with compassion and patience.  I will send my thoughts and wishes for safety to the people working to right the wrongdoings and for the safety of everyone in the city of Boston.

I hope that while reading my post today, you found some peace yourself from the madness of the world today.  Stay safe and believe in good.  We must believe in each other.

An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind.
-Mahatma Gandhi


  1. I hadn't even turned on the computer or tv all day and knew nothing of what transpired until my husband came home and told me. It is sad. And it's overwhelming. But I think one of the best things we can do is to, as you seem to be doing, raise our children to be compassionate and loving, so that they will hopefully make this world a brighter, better place. Hugs to you. Good and thoughtful post.

  2. I just want to tell you I'm crying at work reading this blogpost. I know that is SO lame! I never really write comments to you, but I've been reading your blog for over a year now. You are really an inspirational mother, as I have a 2 yr old son myself and I love the positive vibes you always send out no matter how hard motherhood gets or how grim our world becomes. I am a Muslim Pakistani woman born/raised in America. It hasn't been totally rosy for us the past couple years, given the kind of horrific acts some individuals who claim to be affiliated with the same religious beliefs as me. In recent times, like you said, I saw how many people rejoiced at the death of another and how they responded to hate with more hate, but seeing your reaction made me cry tears of hope. Your reaction as a fellow American, as a fellow member of the human race who hopes to raise her son the same as I do mine made my eyes well up. It means that even though our world seems to be forever filling up with evil, I should stay hopeful for people like you to fill it up as well. Kind people who will raise a son to be friends with my son not based on his skin color but based on his character. Thank you. Your words meant more than you can imagine to me.

    1. Thank you Sania - for both reading and commenting on my blog. It feels comforting on my end to know that you are out there too - raising your son the same way I am raising my kids. Maybe someday they will meet up and laugh together about their silly mommas. (oh, hope I hope).

      I read another beautiful post about the Boston suspect that was entirely eloquent, but one line stood out to me as the most profound and has since settled into my heart. The author wrote (about the 19year old) "..because somehow you are still my brother and your death will never be my gain."

      Stay well and chin up! You are a great mom!!