Easter 2013 with the Studer zoo crew

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter this year with lots of colorful fun - and a little sunshine too!  We started the holiday with some egg-coloring with our favorite friends, the Fiores.  I love seeing all the kids together and act so sweetly to each other.  When Kate took Charlie out of his car seat, Grey said, "Can we pet him, Mum?"

We had a fairly clean egg-coloring experience and the older two really seemed to enjoy it this year.  They were very patient and we were very proud and grateful for such an easy, mess-free, tantrum-free activity! 

 While the big kids were patient and delicate with their eggs, Gemmi-bear was a wild egg-dunker with her hands sort of girl.  Luckily, my Mum was there to help her and give her some one-on-one attention (and clean up!  Thanks Mum!)

We ended up with some pretty cute eggs and some happy little bunny foo foo's.  hah.  It was a great way to kick off of the holiday weekend - thanks Fiores for spending the afternoon with us!

We are very lucky to live in the same town as all of our family, but that also means that the holidays have a potential to be very hectic.  Fortunately, our families know how crazy that can be - so they are willing (thank you!!) to span out the celebrations across various days (just like we did for Christmas).

So on Saturday (Easter eve), we spent the day playing, eating, egg-hunting, and enjoying some general merriment with my side of the family.  When I was young, we always went to my grandma's house for holidays and we took family pictures under the Easter egg tree in the front yard.  And now that the house is my parents, my mom still decorates that same tree with Easter eggs for our customary photo op.


Then it was time for egg-hunting and a game of kickball (to enjoy the sun we've missed so much) before the delicious dinner accompanied with favor bags filled with each of our favorite kinds of candy.

On Easter morning, the kids were excited to discover that the bunny had filled up their baskets with all sorts of surprises like the Piggy Paint Birthday Bash Gift Set (natural nail polish) and a Hatch'em (Growing Pet Dinosaur).

who is into Pop Rocks big time right now?  This kid.

after consuming approximately 16lbs of jelly beans.

after 24 hours of soaking!
But Daddy might have been happiest of all to discover that the Easter bunny had brought him the Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 with Top Shot Elite for the Wii.  That's okay though because the bunny did me well too with excessive amounts of ALDI chocolate (my fav) and a new iron & ironing board (when did I become so boring?)

Then it was off to Mimi's house (Brandon's grandma) for a delicious dinner while the kids played themselves punch drunk with their cousins.  We also got to sing Happy Birthday to Mimi since her birthday is April 1st!  Gemmi sings, "Hap.  Hap.  Hap."

Then it was off to Gigi & Pappy's house to follow the bunny footprints to more Easter baskets!  (our children are very lucky and excessively spoiled).  Gigi and Pappy fed the kids while Brandon and I napped (!!) on the couches.

It was another great holiday that we were reminded how very lucky we are to be loved by such great family and friends.

And my babies sure looked cute in their chevron outfits.  Gem's dress is from The Naptime Project etsy store and Grey's tie is from What a Fancy Pansy etsy shop.

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