Greyson's Superhero 3rd Birthday Party

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We organized a superhero party for Greyson's third birthday this year.  We were determined to keep the party small and simple this year (even though the superhero party pinboards had me guilt-tripping about it being like this or like this)  and the small & simple turned out to be perfect for our guy's third birthday.  With pinboard guilt, it is important to continue to remind myself that Grey is less concerned with the decorations and how good the photo backdrops look than he is with having fun and being with people that love him.  And also, he's three - he basically wants to eat cake and play the whole time - so those were the things that were the focus for the party planning.

We did a few things to make sure it would be quaint and intimate by first organizing the party on a Thursday night from 5:30p-7:30p and only inviting very close friends and family (>20).  We made his invitation on Shutterfly (as always) with a little help from Grey's dress-up bin.

We ordered Grey's favorite food for dinner:  Chicken wings (from Tollgate - in BBQ, Buffalo Ranch, and Sweet Chili I the only one that has a chicken wing loving three year old?  Again, I need to create a list of 'You might be raising a Redneck...) and we also ordered chicken tenders for the non-loving chicken wing guests.  I made Mac&Cheese (and added Goldfish on top at Shelly from the Cunningham family in Bush Alaska's suggestion - thank you!  it was a huge hit!) My Mom brought over dipping veggies and Gigi mixed up a big salad.  And we ordered a Superhero themed cake that I topped off with some dollar store action figures:

We are lucky to have friends and family that participate in my silly requests, so almost all of our party guests showed up at our door with their Superhero (of any kind!) to celebrate Grey's party.

Spiderman, Bolt the dog, Merida from Brave, and Megamind

Super Chum and Princess Abba

Jesse and Woody from Toy Story

Princess Tiana from the Princess & the Frog and Spiderman
After our chicken wing dinner, Brandon set up an obstacle course for the kids to run in our living room (since it was still too chilly outside) - which he acted out on his own once as an example that had me laughing hysterically.

The kids all waited in line patiently for their turn to

Go through the tent

And ride the donkey across the room

and climb through the tunnel (hah! while the baby jumper dangles precariously from the couch above!)

Make a basket

and shoot Grey's toy crossbow at the target

Then we played a super safe game from my childhood where four men toss children in the air on a blanket.  This was our Superhero 'flying' lesson.

Then it was time for some gifts followed by the cake and the birthday song.  I'm sure I'm not the only Mumma who can barely choke her way through the birthday song every year.  It's just too much to see my baby sitting there with his face lit up by candles and a little grin on his face while everyone who loves him gives him all their attention while singing happy birthday.  My poor, poor little Mumma heart just cannot handle it.

It was a great small & simple party.  Booboo got to do his favorite things;  eat cake & chicken wings and play with his friends and family.  And we got to enjoy our boy's birthday with him because were didn't have all of the fuss and stress that comes with a big and elaborate party.

He got some wonderful gifts on top of that (thank you!) which we will be sending out the below thank you (Shutterfly again) to make sure everyone knows how grateful we are to have them celebrate our boy.

Happy birthday to our darling Greyson Rudy - Booboo boy,
I cannot believe you are three.  I cannot believe what a little man you are becoming.  You surprise us everyday with the things you say and do.  You are a great big brother and a wonderful kid all together.  We are so lucky that you are ours.
love you forever and ever
even when you get so big,
Mumma & Dadda

cake for breakfast on his real birthday


  1. Tab, thank you for being faithful with your blog (my goal this month is to begin to be faithful with mine again). I love watching your children grow. The song "Me and God Watching Scotty Grow" just came to my mind. Enjoy your day. I have a feeling you and the kids were outside yesterday... am I right??

    I also love that, in this day of craziness with Pinterest and blogs and people being over-the-top crazy, you have taken the best part of all of those ideas and made it right and good.