What's on your...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Since B and I stayed up last night until after 2am working on a last minute kitchen face-lift project that we can almost wholly thank to an overly ambitious afternoon on 5hour energy...I am not in the frame of mind to put together a proper blogpost.  However, I'm overdue, so I'm taking a cue from Lindsay over at a Design So Vast and completing a fun and different list that is probably meant to reveal something about my inner workings...we shall see.

What's on your...

Vanity – No vanity at our house, but the word vanity takes me back to my mother's vanity that I remember as a child.  It seemed so grown up and had bottles lined up delicately on top of a mirrored plate.  I remember feeling like I had to put each bottle back exactly where I had found it when I dusting was my chore.  If I had a vanity it would be infinitely more boring than my mother's because I wear only two pieces of jewelry and rarely use perfume.  Poor Gemma - maybe I should get her one instead.

Perennial to-do list – Never-ending laundry, never-ending emptying and reloading the dishwasher, constant wondering if the house will ever get a deep cleaning when the children are this young...or ever really, because I don't appear to be the 'deep cleaning' sort of gal.

Refrigerator Shelves – whole milk, soy milk, IC Light, leftover Earth Day 'dirt' pudding, hamburger meat for tomorrow's meal plan, a half-finished jar of spaghetti sauce, and thawed frozen blueberries.

Itinerary – Finish the variety of house projects we have going simultaneously - none of which are fully and totally complete, Plan the 5th annual Beer Olympics, make plans for our summer vacation to Florida with the Kochs.

Fantasy Itinerary - Cambodia, Ireland, Costa Rica (again), Japan, Thailand (again), Rio, Montana, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, Scotland...Actually - close your eyes and spin a globe.  That's where.

Playlist - Country is what is most prevalent on our car radios, but when I'm making dinner I youtube videos to play and I've been youtubing these lately:  You are my sunshine - Noah Guthrie, When I was your Man - Bruno Mars, Mama's Broken Heart - Miranda Lambert, Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker, Shine - Florida Georgia Line, Ho Hey - The Lumineers, Home - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Stay - Rihanna.

Nightstand – A picture of my sisters and I, my gratitude journal, a book about raising a son, a daily writing book, a book about entrepreneurship, a pen, and my phone.

Workout Plan - 10-minute trainer three days a week, trampoline football or 'ninjas' with Greyson daily.

iPhone - Instagram, Pinterest, Red Stamp, and Shutterfly. 

Top 5 List – a hot drink in the morning, Brandon's kiss on my neck when he gets home, the way Grey has started scrunching up his nose when he asks a question, Gemma's full blown smile, our bed.

Bucket List – Write a book, start a non-profit, jump out of an airplane, and take our kids to Thailand.

Mind – The giant to do list, Greyson's volatile swings from violent energy to neediness for cuddling and attention, Gemma's defiance and strong will, wondering if I'll ever stop worrying about every aspect of our kids, my coworker who unexpectedly lost her husband yesterday, poems by Tyler Knott Gregson. 

Walls of your Favorite Room in Your House – Three framed books open to some of my favorite quotes in them.  (The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith).  This print framed in thick frame, and a black & white photograph of a woman's hands making the shape of a heart on a park table that I bought off of the street near Lincoln Center when I lived in New York.

Liquor Shelf – American Honey, Bacardi White Rum, Gentleman's Jack, and Crown Royal Black.

Last Credit Card Statement - our (finally finished!) Family Yearbook for 2012 from Shutterfly, half the payment for my blog update design from Let Birds Fly (can't wait!), Disney Princess-inspired dresses for Gemmi from the Little Wellies shop.

Screensaver - no screensaver, just straight to energy-saving sleep mode.

TV Every Night - Usually a movie for the kids (recently its been Rio every.single.night), occasionally Duck Dynasty marathons, sports, or if I'm awake by myself - episodes of Dawson's Creek on Netflix (!) or Girls on HBO.

Play along!  What's on your...


  1. Bummer thing about living in rural Alaska? No radio. I literally don't know ANY of the songs you listed!

    And I love that you have watched Rio every.single.night-- why are kids like that?!? For us, it's been Peter Pan. I told Logan yesterday I wanted him to go to Neverland so he wouldn't grow up, and he said I couldn't take him because I'd never find it! And besides, he said, he HAS to grow up, so he can be a grown up. Duh, mom!

    I am totally stealing this!

    1. hah! They are too much. We recently left a Peter Pan phase - although not the cartoon one, the other one with real live humans that I didn't mind watching at all because its sort of the most romantic movie ever..? hah, love when Peter tells the lost boys that since Wendy is asleep and they can't move her that they'll 'build a house around her.' gah, love it.

  2. Love this idea! I believe I may do the same thing on my blog. And they have Dawson'r Creek on Netflix?!!! New show to binge watch, thanks... Great blog! I will be returning.

    Jessica Scott

    1. sort of obsessed with Dawson's right now, hahha - happy to hear someone who can relate! I'm in season three where Pacey loves Joey. And I am loving it big time. Takes me back to high school - oh sheesh, I'm a sucker.

  3. I enjoyed this post. Have you ever heard of the Drive By Truckers?

  4. Found your lovely blog space today after receiving an email from pinterest (that I never go on so strange) and your 20 things when raising a boy caught my eye. Which lead to me reading your blog for longer than I should be in front of the computer! As a Mom to 3 boys and 1 girl I have been between laughing out loud to keeping tears at by while reading. Really enjoying your words. But what really got me was that you have Crown in your liquor cabinet... as a Canadian gal who LOVES her crown (reg not black variety) you got me hook line and sinker... you were immediately added to my favourite list. Looking foward to reading more. Take care.

    1. Thank you for the sweet message and for staying and reading, Danielle. I am cracking up about our Crown connection! Love it. We are generally regular Crown fans, but my husband felt the need to be adventurous in his liquor selection this past time and went with Crown Black. I'm here to report - not a bad choice, we liked it! hahha. Sending a hello and a hug your way!