...and baby makes three.

Friday, October 9, 2009

We got the most amazing, surprising, happy news the day before we left for Hawaii. Brandon and I are going to have a baby!

We figured we would stop preventing and didn't realize that all those times in high school when they warned us, "It only takes one time," that they weren't just saying that. It really only took one try for us and we know that we are so fortunate to have that be the case.

We had the first warning that it may have worked, on the day of my Mom's birthday party because SCF took my mom to lunch and to a fortune-teller to get her away from the party before the big surpise. When it was my turn at the fortune-teller (Magda in Southmont -Johnstown, Pa) she flipped over my cup and there on my saucer, as plain as though someone had hand painted it, was a dove left in my coffee grounds.

Magda immediately asked if I had a child and when I responded that we did not, she said, "We'll you will." I laughed and tried to play it off (I was the only one that knew we had "tried" early that week) and Magda kept giving me omnious warnings like, "no, really stop drinking" and "Take your vitamins!" Little did we know, she was right - we had already conceived!

Over the next few days (before we officially found out) I noticed that anything that was supposed to smell like strawberries (Brandon's strawberry lemonade, Tasha's strawberry lollipop) smelled like hot garbage to me...which was odd because I love strawberries. Obviously, just the first sign that we were going to be parents!

We have been calling our little bundle "dove" since that was the first name anyone had given it (thank you, Magda). Tasha and Jordan were the first to find out since they were at our house the day I took the pregnancy test. In full Tasha manner, she snooped on my camera and found the picture of the P-test I had taken. We were going to keep a secret for awhile, but were glad to have someone to share the news with. Unfortunately for Tash and Jordan, they had to keep the secret for a full 3 weeks before we shared the news with the rest of our family.

While in Hawaii, we told Adam and Lea...since we certainly couldn't get pass their confusion as to why I wasn't drinking. They were excited and so sweetly happy for us. Lea took tons of pictures of us in "belly pose" even though we didn't share these with family right when we got back. Hah! so sneaky.

Our families reacted as you would guess: totally freaked-out-happy. It will be the first grandchild on both sides, so the g-moms are so excited. We are due April 21, 2010 and it already feels like time is passing so quickly. I can't wait to meet our little guy/girl. I feel so lucky that all the love I feel in my heart has now been transformed into a tiny little mix of us.

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