Winter Holidaze

Monday, April 8, 2013

With the weather finally starting to break into spring, its time to recap our winter festivities.  We make an attempt to celebrate as many little holidays as possible, so we pass the time during the winter making crafts and planning little parties.  Here's a quick run-down of how we revel through the long winter months.

For New Years, we had dinner at Cityview (since now closed, sad!) with the Kochs, Sleeks, and Stuvers.  We had great food, good drinks, and lots of good conversation.  Then Ninna and I headed back to our house while our men picked up the kiddos at Gigi&Pappy's house.  They made it back just in time to see the ball drop and the four of us (plus Uncle Juice) stayed up laughing and chowing down on slow-cooker pork&sauerkraut into the early morning of the new year.

We helped our friend, Lila, celebrate her first birthday in early January

We celebrated Orthodox Christmas on January 7th.  My maternal grandma was Serbian Orthodox and Gigi is Russian Orthodox - so we have double reason to celebrate.  'Orthodox Santa' stops by our house with a small gift and we spend the rest of the day visiting both sides of our family to eat pierogies and drink Slivovitz.

And then made a hike out to Dadda's alma mater, Washington & Jefferson, to see the Boy's basketball game and have dinner with all our friends (or also known as the time Grey dumped 1/3 of a bottle of ketchup on his spaghetti...whichever you want to call it).

Uncle Jon, Grey, Gem, and Dadda

We had our own celebration at home in honor of Miss Tay's first birthday in early February.  Miss Tay is our friend who was born with hydrocephalus.  She has reached a major milestone by celebrating her first birthday and we figured it was a great reason for us to celebrate her first year too with birthday cake for dessert at home.

We had our own Lunar new year party by making paper lanterns and eating out at our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant.  Happy Year of the Snake!

In mid-February, I participated in the Women's Empowerment day that was organized by some of the junior girls at our old high school.  In honor of the day, students and women were encouraged to wear no make-up all day.  High school girls and teachers all attended school with fresh clean faces.  I didn't have anywhere to go - but still participated at home.  Grey thinks I'm beautiful just as I am - he's one of the good ones :)

We enjoyed Kings' Cake for breakfast on Mardi Gras - Grey found the baby!  Lucky boy!

Then we celebrated Gemma's first Valentines day.

And then our baby girl turned one. One, already. Why do babies grow too fast and make their mumma heartsick.

Then we cheer'sed with champagne (and juice for the kids) for Kayla & Ryan's engagement!

And headed to dinner at Hoss's for steak and ice cream for the holiday on March 14th. (hahhaha!)

We celebrated St. Patrick's day by making a paper rainbow craft with cut up construction paper & glue stick (Greys' fav kind of craft!) and drinking green milk all day.

And then we participated in Earth Hour by putting the kids to bed without any electricity.  Gemma was memorized and calmed by the candlelight and Grey was disappointed to learn that the iPad was included in 'electricity.'

Finally, we celebrated Easter with our families and each ate our weight in candy and chocolate (sheesh!)  We're counting this as a winter holiday as Easter fell in March this year - which is usually still winter here in PA.

And now that we've hit April, we're already into our Spring festivities- starting with Grey's 3rd birthday - which is TODAY, April 8th!

Here's to more laughing, good eats, and fun with our family&friends this coming season.

-hope you all are enjoying beautiful weather where ever you are today - it is about 60 here in western PA and I can barely contain the grin on my face!  Spring is here!! [i hope!]


  1. So fun to read about all the ways you celebrate holidays BIG & small! I am inspired to find more fun ways to sneak celebrations into our routine as well!