A Picnic at the (amusement) Park!

Friday, September 3, 2010

We were invited to meet up with family at Waldameer amusement park for a little picnic and fun.  There were lots of kiddies in our group and it was a blast watching their faces light up on all the rides.  They were so cute!

Greyson even got to go on some rides.  He went on a carousel for the first time and I was surprised how hard it is to keep your balance while just standing there.  Grey rode a horse(!) and I'm there trying to hold him (while he's going up and down) and then thing is spinning around a lot faster than I remembered them to spin.  Hah - another new hard job about parenting; trying not to fall over while balancing your child safely atop a carousel horse!

We also took a train ride that Greyson enjoyed.  We even went under a dark tunnel that Boo Boo didn't mind at all.  Then at the very end, the conductor came over the loud speaker to announce we were pulling back into the station and scared the crap out of Grey...well, really out of all of us, but Grey was the only one that started screaming on the top of his lungs.  hah.

I even got to ride some rides (thank you Mindy & the Fragales for watching Grey for me) and it was the first time in a long time that I've been on a rollercoaster.  I rode with Stef and we were giggling the whole way because we both had forgotten how much fun they were to ride.  Waldameer actually has a pretty stellar semi-new wooden rollercoaster that is wilder than it looks.  We both had a blast at the park and I can't wait until Grey is big enough to ride the rides with me!  We missed Daddy though, he was working, so guess we'll have to go again soon!

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