Boo Boo at 5 months old!

Monday, September 27, 2010

We have been very busy the past few weeks - so I apologize for not posting in awhile.  Now that Grey is half way through his five months...I guess I should give a quick five month update!

At five months old, Greyson is starting to sit up on his own!  I wouldn't leave him there without anything behind is back for a long time....he does tend to do the turtle-trapped-on-his-back move fairly often still...but he is getting stronger each day.  He hasn't made it to the point where he can get into a seated position on his own yet though, but he is becoming quite a master at scooching backwards.

Not surprisingly, Grey still loves eating....everything.  The kid can throw back a 6oz bottle followed by a size2 fruit or veggie like a champ.  We've gotten to the point where its almost impossible to go to a restaurant with him now because we can't eat in front of him without him having food too.  He's starving.all.the.time.

Trying to grab his own snacks!
With fall around the corner, I am having to put Grey in layers of close to accomodate for the fluctuating temperature.  Problem is that since Grey was born in spring and spent most of his life so far in diapers alone, he isn't pleased about the prospect of wearing clothes.  He is getting pretty fussy at the changing table when I start putting the pants on and then basically screams bloody murder when I put a long sleeve or a hoodie on him.  Poor kid, he has no idea what's to come when its snowsuit time in ERie?!

Angry about all his layers.
Grey's love for his jumperoo has reached new heights.  He used to just kind of stomp his feet around while he was hanging in the jumperoo...but not no more.  He swings himself all around, bounces, and even gives a few solid jumps!  He is so eager to move around that the jumperoo is his new favorite place to be while he's awake.

Bully & Greyson; still best buds.

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