Friday, September 3, 2010

We traveled to Johnstown for August 21st to celebrate with long-time friend (&childhood neighbor) Krista's wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony (cried my eyes out the entire time) and they make an absolute perfect couple.  Greyson attended his first wedding ceremony and found ways to entertain himself...

After the ceremony, we stopped at Poppa's work to visit for a little.

And then Greyson spent the rest of the day with Gma & Pappy Butch.  He even got to go swimming, his favorite:)

And the entire Adams family (&boyfs) were all together for the reception.

My sisters and I got a chance to goof around:)

And we spent most of the night on the dance floor with the Hagerich girls.

It was a really great time and Krista&Mike are so in love and such a fun couple.  We are so happy for you, Krist.

Grey even got to make a new friend and meet one of Daddy's best friends, Mikey & Shanny.  Mikey is one of our favorite soldier heroes and we miss them!  It was great catching up for awhile on Sunday morning.

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