birthday girl: 27 years young

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We celebrated my 27th birthday at the Pittsburgh Zoo and it was a perfect day.  We spent the morning lollygagging around walnut street and grabbed a bite to eat a teeny little restaurant that was delicious.  We didn't even get to the zoo until after 2p and it actually turned out to be perfect timing, as most of the visitors had already passed through the park.  We made a sprint for the shark exhibit after noticing that they were holding a shark feeding at 2:15 (we are still  hyped up from Shark Week).  We even recognized some familiar faces when we stopped to chat with some high school friends!  After kind of a boring shark feeding (they were introducing new fish and the sharks were confused) we headed back to the start of the zoo and took the normal path.  Since we got there so late, there were hardly any visitors and we mostly got to check out all the animals with only one other family or so. 

Greyson was able to see and interested in so many more animals than just a few weeks ago at the ERie zoo.  He loved so many of them and the only way to show our trip adequately is visually; so enjoy:)

Greyson "bought" me the Goddess package from the spa near our house (Coventina) and I got to go for an amazing morning on Sunday.  I received a body scrub, Vinyasa shower, body wrap, and a 60 minute massage.  I literally blacked out during my massage and when it ended I had no idea where I was or if I was even a human being.  It was so relaxing and calming I could have been floating in outer space for all I knew.  It was exactly what I needed and I am so grateful that I have such a sweet baby to schedule that for his mummie on her birthday.  (hahah, I know it was really you, Brandon).

Brandon also is sweet enough to get birthday cards for me from all my kids.  So not only did I get a signed card from Grey, but I also got a SIGNED birthday card from all my other kids; Bullet (dog), Lola & Jinx (cats), AND Penelope, George, Baby's Daddy, and Silver (the fish)!  So much birthday loving:)

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