Boys to Chicago & family to the rescue

Monday, September 27, 2010

When your favorite friends are getting married and you are lucky enough to be included in the day; you do whatever you can to be there for all the celebrations along the way.  Hence, Daddy and Uncle Jonny made a road trip through Ohio to pick up Kevin and then headed to Chicago for Taryn&Dobber's bachelor(ette) party.  It was a long trip, but the opportunities for "single man" road trips with your best friends are becoming few and far between as we continue into adulthood(ugh).  So they reminicised about college days gone by, laughed at their silly boy jokes, and got lost along the way, happily.  I was glad to see B get a break and enjoy himself for awhile.
Grey got to spend some time with Uncle Jonny before the trip
Hahha, thank you for taking this pic just for the blogs sake.
On my side of the window however, I peered out at the long weekend alone with the baby and the dog after 5 months of exhaustion and realized there was no way I was going to make I called in some reinforcements!  Gma, who despises driving long distances by herself, hopped into the car moments after I called and made the (normally 3 hour but for Mare..) 4 hour drive up to ERie to spend the weekend with Grey, Bully, and I.  Oh, how much pull that little baby has over his Gma - he don't even know.  Greyson got to spend time with Gma...

...while Mummie got to take an uninterrupted shower & watch a movie.  hah.  We had a great weekend which also included (of course!) brunch out and a quick shopping trip to Gabes.   Thanks again, Gma!!

On Sunday, Grey and I met up with Abba, Poppa, & Aunt Kitty at the "half-way" point between Johnstown and ERie for some brunch.

Then we had a little playtime at Moraine State Park and enjoyed the fall weather.  It was so nice to have some company before the boys returned from Chicago.  Thanks for meeting up Mum, Dad, and Kayla!!

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