Happy Wedding Shower, Tare!

Monday, September 27, 2010

On Saturday, we were invited to Taryn's wedding shower!  We were so glad to celebrate with her and Greyson was happy to attend his first and probably his last wedding shower (until he brings flowers to his own bride-to-be, ahh!).
Tare & some of her maids
The restaurant was set up so beautifully and Tare had the most adorable centerpieces (and yummy cupcakes!)

There were even hibiscus flowers in the champagne glasses and Kayla  was the only one brave enough at our table to eat it.  She said it tasted like fruit roll-ups though! yum!

The soon-to-be Mr & Mrs
 Greyson got to meet some of his Daddy's college friends while we were at the shower!  Brandon has great friends from college and we miss them all the time.  Since Taryn&Dobber live in Chicago we hardly get to see them and this was Grey's first time to meet them.  He loves them already, hehh!

Grey & Dobber
Grey and his W&J girlfriends

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