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Friday, September 17, 2010

The division of girls and boys in our house is equally divided at this point (technically).  3 girls (mum & the two cats) and 3 boys (dad, boo boo, and the dog).  But when we break it down like normal people and just count humanoids - mumma is the lone estrogen carrier in the house.  I love love love the city, I miss NYC everyday, and I love being surrounded by nameless faces....but luckily for my hunting/fishing husband, I can also be completely happy laying in the grass looking for bugs too.  So, is it a surprise that Greyson is an outdoors lover already too?  Since he was born in the spring, he had all summer to enjoy soaking up the sights, sounds, and summer breezes in nothing but a gdiaper.  He already has some favorite outside activities like sleeping on blankets in the grass and riding Dad's tractor!

Once while Grey was mowing with Dad, I tried to take him in and he wailed until he got back on the tractor with Brandon.  Oh brother, this kid is BOY to the bone, I swear.

As hunting season approaches and Daddy is in the woods scoping out his hunting spots, Greyson has taken a trip or two to Dad's hunting spot.  Boo Boo loves taking walks, especially in the Bjorn, and Daddy even went up in the tree stand with Grey.  (Mumma was not in attendance for this trip; I was at the spa relaxing....little did I know my little 4 month old baby was hanging out in a 15ft. tree stand with his daddy...naughty).  Boo boo loved it - big surprise.

We also recently took Grey out in his first rainstorm (more like a drizzle) and he giggled the whole time.  Not only does he love being outside, but he really loves was like the best of both worlds for him!

Not only do I have an outdoor-loving husband and baby, but our pup also loves hanging outside.  We are in the process of getting a fence so Bully can just roam free in the backyard.  He recently got into a battle with a wasp (and lost).  When we brought him in the house, his whole left eye was swollen shut.  He was a sad sight, but at the suggestion of some helpful googling- we put some vinegar on it and it went down gradually.  It was completely healed by the morning and Bully of course went on without missing a beat.

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