kid chatter

Monday, March 16, 2015

Some funny chatter heard over at the Studer zoo crew to brighten up your Monday morning...

Greyson:  When will I get a girlfriend?
Me: um, maybe when you're fifteen
Greyson:  How long will it take to get fifteen?
Me: a very long time
Greyson: no, like how many sleeps?

Gemma: I'm going to kick your ass
Me:  Gemma Rose,  ass is a curse!
Gemma:  ass is a curse?
Me:  yes so stop saying it
Gemma: but my ass is getting out of here
Me:  Gemma! No more
Gemma: but what about his ass?
Me:  stop saying ass Gemma Rose
Gemma:  you said it.

Greyson:  I love you, Mum
Me:  I love you honey
Greyson:  I love you so much I have a smile in my heart! 

While painting our nails with glitter nail polish- 
Gemma:  look!  Sparkle-la-lees!
Me:  so fancy! 
Gemma:  I'm painting them for my daddy so you can look beau-full.

Me:  What do you want to be when you're a grown up?
Greyson:  Can I be a doctor?
Me:  Sure!  There are lots of kind of doctors:  there are kid doctors, grown up doctors, doctors that get babies out, doctors that do surgeries and cut people open and stitch them back up, doctors for animals
Gemma:  Can I be a Dr. Seuss?

Greyson:  Gemma, what's your football touchdown dance?
-Gemma stands up-
Me:  Here, honey - catch the ball for the touchdown
Gemma:  no
Me:  you have to catch the ball first
Gemma:  no
Greyson:  Gem!  You have to get the touchdown first
Gemma:  That's not my point!  I'm doing the dance part only

Gemma:  Knock, Knock
Daddy:  Who's there?
Gemma:  a fly
Daddy:  a fly who?
Gemma:  Momma hates it.

Gemma:   I want yogurt ON my waffle
Greyson:   Well that's unusual

Greyson:  Mum, do you get dead if you go in tomatoes?
Mum:  what?
Greyson:  If you go in a tomato, do you get dead?
Mum:  I don't understand what you're asking me.  Go in what tomatoes?
Greyson:  Like the girl on the Wizard movie
Mum:  that's called a tornado!  

Gemma:  Knock, Knock
Daddy:  Who's there?
Gemma:  Bullet  (our dog's name)
Daddy:  Bullet who?
Gemma:  Eat a bone.