Friday, March 20, 2015

Heading out on a Bigfoot hunting expedition in our yard

Loving that I got a chance to take Bullet out for a jog/walk this week.  We both really needed it.  We have been researching Bullet's breed for the past few weeks after his dog training session when the trainer asked if he was a Belgian Malanois (aka police/military dog) and we were like, whaaat, we were told from the beginning that he was a pitbull mix!!  And so now after researching it, we believe we have narrowed it down to a mix between Belgian malanois, Dutch Shepherd, and Lab Mix.  Definitely changes our perspective on Bullet and why he's always been like he has been.  So, we are looking into ways to keep him content and satisfied after now understanding what would even makes him tick!  Eye opening!

Watching the Voice as a family (the kids love 'playing' the voice during the day) and then B & I staying up later than we should watching sitcoms like we normally never ever do afterwards (The Night Shift, Undateable, and One Big Happy.  It has been so nice to share the same couch and weirdly laugh at not-that funny stuff together in silence while our babies sleep upstairs.  #itsthesmallthings

Reading The Ten Thousand Things and lots of readings of Mercy Watson to the Rescue as Gemma is no interested in short chapter books.

Celebrating that despite the fact that we were way late for sign-ups, we were able to get Greyson in for his first ever tball league.  He is so excited to be on a 'real team' with a real uniform and everything.

Struggling with trying to juggle a little too much this week, between getting Grey's bday invites created (5 years old!??!!), sending in our final payment for our upcoming vacation, and getting ready for an event I planned this weekend with our alumni association - I got mixed up on which day Greyson's Kindergarten testing was happening (we went a day early) and then I didn't make it to a doctor's appointment and had to reschedule.  sheesh, Grey suggested that I needed to just relax and watch a movie with them, so that's what we did yesterday; we watched Holes all snugged on the couch together.

Cooking two new dinners this week that were a hit!  Chicken Zucchini Casserole from Six Sister's Stuff which was delicious (we have a zucchini obsession over here), and Tater Tot Enchilada Bake from Brunch Time Baker which the kids gobbled down.  Grey had three helpings!

Obsessing about Violet as she has had a patch of eczema on her cheek for over a month now (mostly from slobberville) and we finally have some progress towards it looking better.  She is also cutting her first two teeth, and has finally rolled over this week.  It's been a big one for this chick!

Laughing at Gemmi as her hilarious stories are never ending.  She had some funny ones this week with her leprechaun trap idea (have a chicken eat him and poop out the gold!), she went into a full on pout after Greyson informed her that she couldn't marry her Daddy because he's already married to Mumma, and then she put glob after glob of beeswax lotion in her hair.  Oh, Miss Ro.

This week in interesting internet:
Reading about how many steps young boys and girls are supposed to be getting in everyday!  So wild and interesting from 1000 hours outside

Watching this video about giving children a 'wildhood.'  We aren't big RV people, but I love the sentiment behind the video.

This article from the NYTimes about how calling SAHMhood a luxury can paint an inaccurate picture about what is possible as a one paycheck family.

I cracked up reading this hilarious account from StuffMomsSay  Hahhaha, definitely have contemplated paranormal interference in the late night mayhem that our kids' have had.

This article about real women who were photoshopped like celebs.  So interesting to read their reactions to their before and afters and also their thoughts on the other girls' changes.  I also felt so close to the comment about how one of the girls mentioned that although she knows that's not what her friends look like in real life, it was what they look like in mind's eye anyway - and I totally get that.  That the people you love already look perfect in your mind & heart. Also, these girls are funny and I wish they were my friends.

special thanks to Ashley from BWF for the inspiration in today's update post.  Maybe I'll just keep copying her Friday postings?  xxoxox