FTWM to SAHM vlog series: Schedules - Part 1 Mom

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Today on the vlog series, I'm talking about schedules for all things Mumma related.  I am a planning type girl, and leaving the deadline filled working world and moving into the world of chaotic freedom that is sahmhood, I needed to put some of my own schedules in place to keep myself feeling productive and moving in a direction that at least feels like forward.

The schedule that I discuss is one that I work towards in a Day to Day/Week to Week/Month to Month view.  Lots of Sahms schedule their days by the hour, but I found that to be unrealistic for our family.

So, I operate by looking at the full day, across an entire week, and thinking ahead to the month all together.  I fully recognize that plenty of other moms have waaay ________ (choose any:  cleaner homes, healthier meals, lower BMIs, better hygiene, more stylish appearances, and/or more date nights), but this is how it works for us and how we stay mostly happy, grateful, and intentional about the ways we are spending our days together.

Keep in mind, this is entirely from my own perspective and what seems to work for us.  If you're struggling for some structure or you're seeking out other vantage points on how to get the most out of your days. press play and see if how we do things can spark any inspiration (or maybe overwhelming fear, HAH) for you :)

...also this vlog is bananas.
Violet is totally distracting with all her wiggling in section2 (haha), it took the full day to record because of all of the distractions during the day, dogs barking, kids yelling & playing in the background, weird cuts and freezes (a ghost did it?), and also I was finishing a beer while recording the ending, because hump day.
seriously, this vlog = craytown.

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  1. This is why you and I are friends! Our planners are almost exactly the same, although I will say that I am a die-hard crosser-outer, not a highlighter, haha!
    We also keep a monthly calendar on our chalkboard for the kids and I use symbols instead of words (ie. soccer ball for practice, a church for Sunday Mass, stars for playdates, etc.) That keeps the "How many days until...?" questions at bay and it also gives them a sense of our weeks.

    1. Thank you for even watching that crazy thing. Hahah! And I'm cracking up about the difference in crossing out vs. highlighting! Only a planner after my own heart would notice such a thing just like I would! Omigosh. We must must must make this an in-person friendship asap.

    2. Gosh, I'm so bad at checking back in after I make a comment! Yes, we do!

    3. Gosh, I'm so bad at checking back in after I make a comment! Yes, we do!