FTWM to SAHM vlog series: How we get through the days

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

hi!  took a week off from vlogging but back this week talking about how we pass time in our day and sort of the feel for how and why we do the things we do in our house.  I initially planned to talk about our kid routines, but after starting, it sort of morphed into something else entirely on its own.

Our routine here at Team Studer follow this general outline daily:
Mum wakes up
Kids wake up
Playing/making breakfast
Breakfast together
Unstructured Free Play
Home Preschool (ie. Letter of the Week crafts)
Lunch together
Unstructured Free Play
Daddy comes home
Dinner together

Unstructured Free play includes any of the following (sometimes all at once, HAH):  costumes/dress-ups, parades, pretending to play The Voice, babydolls, laps (running around the 'circle' of the downstairs), matchbox cars, cooking toys, reading books, playing with Violet, sports toys, going outside, using art supplies, etc.  Whatever the kids feel like playing or imagining - that's what they do.

And now for the resources if you're interested in getting an idea specifically of what we use and learn from over here.  Some affiliate links included (thanks for you support)

My favorite educational support tools:
how we do:
My favorite homeschooling mommas:

Encouraging Kindness & Empathy Resources:
My list of 12 Ways to Practice Empathy with Kids
8 ways to teach kindness to toddlers (my article from What to Expect)
Speaking with kindness, gratitude, and patience (from 12 Months of Kindness)
11 ways to raise a grateful kid (from Musing Momma at Bon Bon Break)

Screen Free Inspiration:
1000 hours Outside blog - read her latest post with the stats on how many steps kids are supposed to be getting each day!
My Screen Free week & beyond pin board 
Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood - Screen Free Week info
My reflections from our 2014 Screen Free Week experience

Next week back to vlog about budgeting & meal planning!

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  1. Loved this vlog! We parent so similarly.
    P.S. You've inspired me to pull out the nonfiction books from the bookshelves and put them in an accessible spot...you are so right, they are the ones that the kids go back to...always something new to learn!