Friday, March 27, 2015


Celebrating last weekend with my handsome husband and a bunch of our friends on the Poker Pub Crawl I helped organized for our high school alumni association.  We had a lot of fun, raised some money, and got a night out on the town like real life grown ups!  Thank you to Abba for watching the gremlins!

Hopeful that spring is coming.  oh, please please.  On the one warm day we had this week, charged with inspiration from 1000 Hours Outside, I braved it alone with three kids and two dogs (!) and we managed to walk over a mile together.  I had Bullet on a leash and Violet in the carrier.  Grey had Trixie on the leash and Gem was in charge of the backpack of snacks.  That's the real secret to success - snacks.

Chatting non stop for almost three hours with my baby sis out to dinner on Monday night.  Brandon was off (only to have to work this weekend, boo) but that might I got to sneak away and get yummy food that I didn't make and giggle behind giant classes of margaritas with my littlest sis for the night!

Happy to finally (!!) get to meet baby Claire this past weekend when we visited with Siri and Dobber while they were in town.  Violet calls dibs on future 'besties!'

Decorating from Easter finally got done this week!  I always get so mixed up when there is a holiday right after you flip over the next month in the calendar.  Oops, dying Easter eggs is on the to do list for this upcoming week.  After we finished hanging eggs from our Easter tree in the front yard, Gemma said that our tree "looks like she's wearing earrings!"

Running all over the place this week!  Gemma and I had a dentist appointment (her first!) in which both of us got good marks.  Brandon, Greyson, and I stopped by the eye doctor (his first!), Violet had her sixth month well check, and then I had a 'lady doc' yearly appt.  At least we're getting them all out of the way, I guess!

Enjoying little routines that the kids and I have gotten into recently naturally.  Like when I fold and iron our clothes, Gemma floats between folding dishtowels for me and playing with Violet, while Grey sorts and rolls the socks and then shoots them like basketballs across the room into the hamper.  And the two bigger kids have also twice now migrated up to Violet's room while I'm putting her to sleep.  They drag in blankets and pillows and lay on the floor while I sing lullabies to Violet.  It's so nice and special and I don't know how it got started but it makes me feel really aware of how fleeting this period in our life is with three little ones.

Reading (still!) The Ten Thousand Things and switched up from Mercy Watson to Super Teddy this week for bedtime reading.

Exasperated with Gemmi Ro.  She's amazing and hilarious, but trying to raise a three year old is like trying to put a onesie on a rabid wolf baby.  honestly.  Grey as a three year old and this same feeling of just staring at him with utter disbelief and frustration is making a comeback as our Gem now is a full blown three.  yeesh.  so much drama, whining, and flat out not listening - not because she doesn't understand but because at three years, they just want to make sure everyone understands that they are going to make their own darn choices and ain't nobody going to tell them nothing.  a paint can spilled in the basement,  long diatribes about how no one loves her because we stopped petting her when she fell asleep, numerous cups and plates spilled at dinner because of dance party attacks that come out of nowhere, and her weight in stolen junk food later - this week i'm just feeling like ugh, help me.

Missing my grandma who had a birthday this week.  The kids and I went to Sweet Frog to enjoy some ice cream in her honor and I told them about her and how she used to run her fingers down our closed eyes and whisper 'eyes' to help us fall asleep.  Grey said that he thought that Jesus probably had a cake for her up in heaven for her birthday.

This week in interesting internet:

The coolest momma ever sporting a bikini on the beach inspiring the masses to wear your momma badges of honor proud.  If you didn't check out this story yet - please do so immediately.   I especially love that she says "I wear a bikini because the only man who's opinion matters knows what I went through to look this way. That same man says he's never seen anything sexier than my body, marks and all. "   because my handsome hubs is exactly like that. xoxoxx love you, b.

This eye opening perspective on what it is like to lose a child. I hope to never be a member of this club, as all parents hope - but it was important for me to read this and feel better able to respond and support parents who have tragically been forced to live on past their children.

Normally very funny blog Stuff MomsSays hit me in the feels with this Thank You post. cryfest.

This video about how words can have such an impact in life. It hit me in the gut for a lot of reasons, one of them being about how much I love writing and putting words together myself. gah, just watch.

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  1. Amen, amen, amen on how hard three is! Two was never a problem-- with the twins or with Wyatt... But three is KILLING me. The tantrums, the arguments, the eye rolling, the defiant behavior. It is!
    I am sending you a fellow-mama solidarity fist bump. May we survive the endless days with our tiny dictators!