Trampoline Park & Carnegie Science Center

Monday, March 23, 2015

Snow here again today!  So I'm remembering back to a more fun/active weekend that we recently had with our family in Pittsburgh at the Flight Trampoline Park and Carnegie Science Center instead of looking grumpily out the window at the lack of spring visible.

We waited until late Friday night (like right before bed) to tell the kids about the upcoming day's plans - because otherwise we'd have had to answer "Is it happening today!?" every three minutes if not.  They were so excited and we reminded them that they needed to get good sleep before the big day that we would need lots of energy!

We got on the road bright and early on Saturday morning and made the almost two hour drive west towards Pittsburgh.  (We purchased our Flight tickets and signed e-waivers early that week which made check in really easy and quick!) As we waited for our turn to jump - our family arrived (Abba, Chum, Aunt Uch, Kevin, Aunt Kitty, and Uncle Ryan).  The kids were itching to get on the almost wall to wall trampolines and finally it was our turn!

The basketball hoop was a BIG hit with the boys, especially Greyson and Daddy.  They organized their own dunk contest and Grey tried multiple times to take charge of not only our family's dunking rotation but other kids that were there too.  (Bossy like his Momma!)  Brandon and Grey both asked if maybe we should build one at our house.  HAHAH. #boysandtheirdreams

We all took turns holding the Lettie Bug who got in a little on the action while sitting supported on the edge of a trampoline while her sister bounced her.  Violet was pretty content just staring in fascination at all the bouncing bodies everywhere though.

After the super fun park, we headed back to the Love house for some delicious potato soup that Aunt Kitty made for us and some lounging.  We introduced Greyson to some new riddles (he's obsessed) and played with the Love pets Miles (cat) and Lemon (pup).  Then after our little break, we headed back out into the city to visit the Carnegie Science Center.  

The Carnegie Science Center is such a cool place.  Full of discovery and new things that the kids don't normally have access too which makes it full on learning and interesting for them.  We got to see exhibits about astronauts, robotics, the weather, natural disasters, and the local ecology.  We all sort of just followed the two big kids around and let them lead us in exploration through the different parts of the science center.  

What is really awesome about the science center is that it's so fun and interesting for my little kids because of all the discovery and access to new things - but it's also great for all other ages too.  The grown ups all had a great time reading and learning about new things too.

Brandon loved the basketball shooting robot and was ready to challenge it shot for shot.  (hahah). Our weather loving Abba was thrilled to give her hand at a weather report in front of a green screen.  Aunt Uch played with the giant building blocks in the preschool section longer then my kids did (she claims she was 'helping them', hah)  And Uncle Ryan was impressively good (and proud) at completing the surgeon simulation games. It definitely was not just a place for the kids to have fun - we all seemed to find something we loved!

hanging out in the 'Earthquake Cafe' 
The science center has this amazing train set set up that takes up the interior of a huge side room.  I was fascinated and in love with all the details and intricacy of it.  Grey loved following/chasing the trains around the tracks.  It is all set up like an old time version of Pittsburgh and it was all so tiny and delicate that it felt really magical.  It was my favorite part of the whole place!

We are always so grateful to be able to visit amazing places with extended family in tow.  We are so blessed to not only get the time to spend with our family - but also for our kids to make memories and learn new things from the people that love them.

Afterwards, Brandon, Violet and I had to head back east home to take care of the pups and be home for Sunday school teaching the next morning.  Our lucky two big kids got to have a sleepover at Aunt Kitty & Uncle Ryan's house with Abba & Chum and Uch and Kevin for the night.

We had such a fun filled day for both our bodies AND minds!  And it's pretty hard to beat that!


  1. Sounds like a magical day! Hoping for lots of those with our family when we go home for summer!

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