FTWM to SAHM vlog series: Fears

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hi!  Eek! first real vlog in the series and I'm discussing my fears before making the transition into a stay-at-home-Mum from the working/paycheck world.

The video is longer than last week because I like ramble on.  hah.  I edited it down a little and kept the actual vlog to under 20 minutes. (it's the outtakes that takes it up and over!)  I also broke down the sections so that if you couldn't watch it all at once, then it'd be easy to find your place again later if you wanted to come back and watch.  (Honestly, if anyone watches the whole entire thing I think I'd be shocked to say the least! hah)

-- Can I also just do a quick confirmation that this whole video about fears and worries can be lumped into the #firstworldproblems category of life.  I know this, I'm confirming I know this.  I have been so lucky in life both in my good fortune and in the opportunities for choices. This is just me telling my own story and I fully recognize that the life that I live is a blessed one --

Big thank you to my sweet friend Sara who sent me her HD webcam that she was no longer using to help bring some technological update to my vlog series (love ya, momma!) and also to all of you who provided feedback about my intro and for supporting me and all of my 'um'ing and bizarreness on camera.  You guys are the best.

For some additional support to this week's vlog about fears and worries in Sahmhood:

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I'm planning next week on focusing on schedules from my perspective as the Mum.  Discussing things like my own way of planning, keeping myself on 'task,' and meal planning!

As always, feedback is welcome and if you have something you'd like me to discuss - let me know and I'll do my best to provide my insight:)


  1. I've been SAHM since the beginning, but there were so many parts of this vlog that I could relate to, especially finding worth in what I was doing at home. So many times, I would be so passive aggressive with Mark, wanting him to compliment the way I did all the laundry or something, haha!
    Good stuff, mama! Keep it up!

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  3. I love this Tabitha. I too struggle with feeling that I've done a good job in the day-to-day, too. We could have a perfect day where I get everything done, and people eat their vegetables, and we have kid-friendly activities and adventures, and when the kids go to bed I'll sit down and think "oh my goodness, we didn't read one single book the whole day. Their brains are ruined forever!"