the list part 1

Thursday, September 19, 2013

my sister emailed my family the following list a few months ago, and since my writing apathy continues, I'm using this as writing prompts.  I hope you'll answer the questions on your blog too :)

1. List 20 random facts about yourself.

I'm curious, to a fault.
I like chocolate.  a lot.
But I also love salty snacks.
I like eating salty and sweet at the same time.  Like popcorn and m&m's.  Or cheese and chocolate.
I watch upcoming movie trailers online.
I have never seen Star Wars.
My favorite movie is The Princess Bride.
A close second is Flipped.
Clearly, I have a little thing for Rob Reiner.
I remember vivid details about my dreams almost nightly (like the number that was on a key I was holding).
I sometimes fantasize about what it would be like if there was no electricity and we'd have to go back to 'Little House on the Prairie' living.
Then I have a panic attack because that means I would have lost all of my blog posts and digital photographs
I only wear two pieces of jewelry every day.  My wedding band and my mother's ring (with the birthstones of my kids' in it).
I have four tattoos.
If I am not in charge of a child, I can fall asleep on an airplane before it even takes off.
I've never worn braces.
I have good teeth, hair, and skin and take them all for granted.
If I feel too tired when its time to wake up in the morning, I lay in bed and give myself to the count of 24 before I make myself get up.
I am the worst texter-backer ever.  If I respond to a text, my family and friends follow-up the text with "Wow, good job texting, Tab!"
I can wake up cheerfully no matter how late I went to bed the night before - as long as I wake up before the kids do.

2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have.

My children suffering
Losing loved ones
Not realizing/accomplishing my full potential

3. Describe your relationship with your parents.

There has always been one indisputable, obvious rule between my parents and me:  They always acted like I could do anything if I I did.

And I learned, and succeeded, and failed, and picked myself up, and cried, and danced, and met friends, and found alternate transportation, and got jobs, and made wrong choices, and studied, and won, and lost, and pretended that I knew what I was doing, and asked for help, and moved, and traveled, and planned, and screamed, and laughed, and organized, and explained my way through life.

I am where I am today because they never questioned whether or not I could do anything.  They just kept telling me I could if I tried.  No matter how big or small or bizarre or unorthodox or ambitious my choices are - they have always been and continue to be cheerleaders for my life.

4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

Slow down, child.  Your future will get here fast enough.
Start writing now.
You are doing a great job.
Remember, your sisters are watching.
If what you think is the 'cool thing to do' has anything to do with what everyone else is doing - or what  'pretty girls' do - give yourself a reality check.
I am proud of you.
I know sometimes it feels like the biggest moment of all time, but some day you will look back and think 'those were some good days, but certainly not the best.'
Be grateful that you have the parents you have.
Yep, B really is as good as he seems.  Be good to him because he will always be patient with you.
All of your dreams will come true, my darling, just you wait and see.

5. What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

My husband.
Our kids.
Our bed.
Warm drinks.

6. What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

This is a funny thing, and probably lucky thing, about my personality.  I don't normally recognize how hard things actually are while I am doing them.  I just put my head down and plug away at it and only very occasionally stop to think, 'crap, this is some hard times.' It's not until days, weeks, or years later I think back to it and find it hard to believe that I made it through to the other end.  Some examples of this 'hindsight recognition of difficulty' include:

  • maintaining a long distance relationship with Brandon for 6 years (2years of which were out of state)
  • TFA Institute
  • living out of hotel rooms for 9 months with Brandon while he trained for work and I traveled for work
  • living in the Blue Knob chalet for two months pregnant with a toddler, dog, and two cats with no garbage, no laundry, no internet, and a 45 minute drive out or in
  • my very serious infection after Gemma was born

7. What is your dream job, and why?

I think I have my dream job right now.  Staying home with our kids, maintaining our life, planning events and organizing new projects, while also writing.  The job I have right now - no job?  the most important job of all? - allows me the chance to do all of the things that I love most.  So, um, dream job - yep, check.

8. What are 5 passions you have?

My husband.
Our kids.

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

My parents. (Mum and Dad)
My sisters. (Kayla and Tasha)
My husband. (Brandon)
My in-laws. (Marianne and Rudy)
My best friends.  (Kate and Allison)
My kids.
My Grandparents.
Lisa Ling. for her general awesomeness.  She's traveled, followed her curiosity, got to the bottom of things, brings ideas and knowledge to people, she discovers, she strives to learn and experience outside of what is normal.  She's awesome and I love her.
Francie from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn . the main character in my favorite book.  Francie finds peace and happiness within herself instead of her circumstance.  (thank you Betty Smith for writing my favorite book.)

10. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Brandon describes me as "missing the 'that-would-be-humiliating' gene."  I just don't realize that what I'm doing is embarrassing until I catch a glimpse on someone's face that sort of looks like, 'I can't believe she is doing that,' or something like, 'aww, Poor Brandon.'  Seriously, it's weird and confusing for lots of people if you don't know me very well.

I've done lots of embarrassing things in this life of 30 years.  Probably the thing that should be the most embarrassing happened on my honeymoon (which most of you reading this already know the story considering I have no embarrassing filter and tell it repeatedly) but since it was just me and B - I don't think it's that embarrassing and rather hysterically funny.

Long story short, I pooped my pants.  On our honeymoon. We had been married a total of 4 days at the point, I think.  In my defense, we had been heavily drinking for the entire day and eating basically only fruit, so well, that sort of thing is bound to happen, um...I suppose.

To this day, we both think it uproariously funny - clearly since I'm sharing it on the internet - and sort of believe it's a testament to the kind of best friends we are.  Yep, the kind that crap themselves and then laugh about it.  #marriedmybff  

I'd love to read your answers to Part 1 of the List!  Comment below with your blog link.  I dare you to try to beat my honeymoon story.  not possible.

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