Thank you Thursday: Someone who makes you better

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To my babies,

You make me walk when I'd rather rush right on by.  You make me run when I'd rather lay around and be lazy.  You make me pray for naptime and then miss you the moment you fall asleep.  You make me smile even when I'm sleepy.  You make me giggle even when I need to yell at you.  You make me shrug at messes, smell stinky shoes, and kiss dirty hands.  You make me marvel over fingerpaintings, and baby burps, and helicopters in the sky, and rainbows reflecting from the front door.  You make me a superhero because I can cool hot oatmeal with my breath, I can recognize your needs from the sound of your voice, and I can quiet your cries with a song.

When you get hurt, I feel it too, way down in the bottom of my belly, but even more so deep inside my heart.  When you learn something new, something inside of me lights on fire and it feels like sunbeams are shining out from my fingers.

When you were born, I woke up.  I woke up to all the beauty and goodness that is all around me every single day.  Sometimes when you're a grown up you can get so busy that you forget to look around and see all the good little things that surround us.  But you notice.  So now I do too.  And every day that you learn something or notice something new or say something silly, I wake up a little more.  And when all the busy grown up stuff takes over my brain, here you come, swooping in with a little cheeky smile or asking for a hugga and you wake me right back up again.

you make me better.  you make life better.

I love you forever.  Even when you get so big.  For all the days.  Forever and ever and ever,

Greyson Rudy

Gemma Rose

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*oops, I didn't realize August had five Thursdays.  hahha, so this month, we had thank you (fourth) Thursday.  my bad:)

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