Thank you Thursday: Someone you can turn to

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear Rudy,
Since you have no daughters and I have no brothers, we've always made a pretty good pair.  You send me Valentines day cards in the mail, and marvel at my girly dramas, and scold Brandon for allowing me to pump my own gas - all the kinds of things a girl with no brothers usually don't get attention for.  And I give goodbye hugs, and talk to you about mermaids and books, and help you plan secret surprises for Mare - all the kinds of things a girl brings into a family.

But in this recent year that we've lived back in town, you've taken on a new role in my life - you've been my go-to guy when I'm caught in a pinch (which with two kids - my 'times in a pinch' seem to be growing at an alarming rate).  As a long time planner, these are moments that I'm not particularly proud of, as I like to think that I have my stuff together enough to handle things in advance.

You will say (as you always do) that its no trouble and you're happy to spend time with the kids - but I also know that you have things planned and items on your to do list to get done.  You may say its not a big deal for you, but know that it is a big deal to me. Once I called you at work to see if you could pick up Grey later that afternoon because I had forgotten about a doctor's appointment.  I've stopped by with the kids while you were at home working on a project and completely hijacked your entire afternoon just so that I could get in an adult conversation and have another pair of eyes on the kids while I was feeling exhausted.  You've picked up, dropped off, taken out, and stopped by more times than I can count and mostly because I've asked at the last minute when I panic that I can't do it myself.

Rudy, thank you for being there with an outreached hand no matter how little notice I give you.  Thank you for being someone I can turn to when my life starts to unravel.  Its in these moments when I'm feeling ill prepared and distressed that you help me see I don't need to always have it together; that I have people around me that are ready and happy to help even when I let it get down to the wire.


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