things I love lately

Friday, September 13, 2013

My writer's apathy is in full force, so sorry.  Bleh, but in mimicking Lindsay's list- I'll just toss out some of the things that I have loved lately in case you're up for a little weekend inspiration :)

The Motherhood Around the World series over at Cup of Jo.  Each interview has been so fascinating and interesting.  I have especially loved the Congo and Abu Dhabi Moms' stories.  (thanks for introducing me to the series, Allyson!)

Using pinterest for meal planning.  My meal planning has been going great since January and large part of it is due to the fact that I don't feel bored with re-creating meals over and over in the weeks with the help of Pinrecipes. I have loved trying new recipes and my family has enjoyed tasting them.  Recently, some of our favorites have been:  American Goulash, Mustard & Dry Rub Country style pork ribs (a little spicy for the kids but B and I loved them), Oven-baked Chicken Fajitas, and Philly cheesesteak sloppy joes.

Visiting playgrounds and parks during the morning.  I've come to realize that our days go much smoother when the kids are sufficiently worn down after playing, exploring, and running.  So we've been spending 2-3 mornings at the local playgrounds and parks for at least an hour.  Our afternoons have been much easier as my kids are always better behaved after releasing energy.  At first it was hard to feel like this was a 'productive' part of my day considering we were just playing - but soon it became obvious that once home, I am able to get double the amount done as the kids are more calm after being let loose all morning.  As part of my sahmhood - I've come to realize that playing is part of the job.

Setting my phone timer to avoid 'leaving tantrums'.  Since the kids obviously never want to leave the playground without throwing a fit, I've started setting timers for when it's almost time to go.  So instead of saying, 'time to go!' and then try to explain to them in 34 different ways why it is time to go.  I set the timer for 3 minutes (when it's almost time) and announce, 'When you hear the music from the timer, that means it will be time to go."  Somehow the music is an easier transition for them than just me telling them it's time to leave.  Like it's not Mum saying we have to go - it's just the way it is.

I've also been trying to 'play a game' with myself called "How long will they keep doing this if I don't interrupt them?"  I'm sorry to say that I am usually the one to stop the kids from playing or doing whatever they're doing out of my own sheer boredom.  I mean how long are we going to throw rocks into this puddle?  Or how many times are we going to read No, David on repeat in one sitting?  So, I've been actively trying to see just how long things will last if I don't make it stop.  The other day, I pushed them on the swings for over 15 minutes...until I just couldn't take the boredom any longer.  I cannot be the only mum out there who's tolerance for boredom gets bested by their children daily, right?

This post about what a four year old should know.  It has helped me to realize that my kids are right on track with their education by learning to balance while they climb and walk on the rocks at the park.  That we are on schedule with learning when we feed bread to the ducks and copy their quacking noises for several minutes.  That we are perfectly on time with learning when we make huge messes while baking cookies together and scoop icing right out of the bowl with our hands.

Someday they'll learn to read and write and count to 100.  But today they are 3 and 1 and they they are learning how popcorn pops out of the machine and about how grass feels wet in the morning on our bare feet.

What are some things you love lately?
Happy Friday!


  1. I love this post! I love the whole "learning as we experience life" (it's so true!) and also the brilliant idea that as a sahm, play is part of our job. However, I agree that mama gets bored sometimes. I am going to join your "how long will they last" game. I think I often move on from an activity before they have gotten everything out of it that they wanted or needed.
    Thank you, as always, for inspiring me!

  2. I'm just drooling with envy at your new sahm status!

    Things I love: New England "fall" temperatures, my baby learning to blow raspberries, pumpkin beer, and Pinterest for Halloween costume ideas! :-)