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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I recently landed an awesome job at a very comfortable work place where I have taken on the top level management position, full-time.  Officially my title is Stay-At-Home-Mother-for-a-preschooler-and-toddler, but I like to keep things lighthearted and just call it 'Mum.'

What this generally means is that I oversee all things related to, representative of, and created by this team of very interesting, unique members with varying levels of capability.  Other employers or businesses may not see how much of an asset this position is and will have afforded me in the future if I ever decide to change jobs again.  However, after taking time to put together a resume that reflects my current position, I think it's obvious that I am receiving invaluable and meaningful experience in my current position.

The best part about my job, is that as the head of management; I get to use my personal creativity and talents to help accomplish day to day tasks.  It has been interesting, as time moves along, to see how our individual team members continue to bring their own interests and talents to our daily interactions as well.  It really makes for opportunities of surprise and delight to see how each of our own personal strengths play off of one another and how we can help each other in areas of weakness.  I can say, it has truly been a learning experience from the start!

The worst aspect of this position is that I was told upfront that someday our team would outgrow us and move into their own selected fields.  Even though I know that this won't occur for many years, it is still startling to see them walk into a meeting and recognize that their face has changed ever so slightly, or that they use the word 'necessary' in the right context.  It's a constant reminder that the day will come, but I am also keenly aware that the main objective for MY job is to make sure they are ready for it - no matter if management is or not.

As time moves on, I have heard from others that my position will change to reflect the current make-up of our team.  In a place of great growth opportunity, I have the chance to expand into other positions including Guidance Counselor, Chauffeur, PTA Lobbyist, Interested Applicant Interviewer, Fashion Police, Human Resource manager, and Strategic Planner.

The pay isn't great and there's no vacation or sick leave, but somehow it all balances out in the end.  And as a bonus, there is almost always cookies in the break room and we celebrate every single holiday - even made-up ones like half-birthdays and first day Archery season.  This sort of workplace atmosphere helps build a tight-knit team like we have - my team members know that I am fully invested in them; as I feel that they continue to understand that their sadness is shared sadness, and their joy- double joy.

For references, please feel free to contact my team members*:
Greyson Rudy
Gemma Rose

*preferred hours are anytime excluding 1p-3p (naptime), and our bewitching hour (generally between 5p-6p).

if you'd like a hard copy of my Mum of a Preschooler Resume, you can find it here.

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  1. Awesome 'take' on this position my dear daughter! I love it and would hire you as a CEO in a heartbeat! Sincerely, your Mumma and a former CEO