farewell summer

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It is fall.  And not just because the calendar says so, but because we have golden rod up here on the mountaintop as far as the eye can see.  When we played outside yesterday, I made the kids wear hats atop their shaved heads.  I suppose it's time to say farewell to another summer and all its fun.

We clocked many an hour in the backyard with our own various water-type fun

And even when it wasn't great weather, we still played in water in the backyard - like this time when it rained for a solid 5 days and we just had.to.get.outside.and.run.

The dogs and kids got spoiled since Uncle Jonny was living with us three nights a week.

Gemma built cairns all over the place like a little ancient alien child

We celebrated Father's Day for our best dad and grandpas in the whole world

We celebrated the fourth of July

Had a bridesmaids luncheon and dress-shopping adventure for my sister's wedding

We made an ambitious family trip to visit a local cavern and learned an important parenting lesson about taking small children into places without easy escape routes

We helped celebrate our baby cousin on the way with Cara and Bruce when they were able to visit all the way from Washington state!  And Mimi got to squeeze all of her grandkids and great grandkids into one pic!

We sang, danced, played, and laughed at our Goddaughter Mallory's & her little brother Hunter's birthday party

We enjoyed the company of our extended family at our reunions

We spent the day having fun, celebrating Abba's birthday, and playing games at Abba & Chum's Horseshoe tournament.  Where we also helped collect food to be donated to the local food bank!

We went to the Bedford County fair with the Fiore crew and ate snow cones and saw a lot of animals
 ( #fiodercrew on instagram)

We visited Living Treasures zoo with the Burghs and had lots of fun feeding the animals and singing "I Like to Move It, Move It" at the lemurs.

And we took a 7mile walk into the woods to take the dogs for a swim and set up Brandon's trailcam.

And I turned 30!  After my pre-birthday surprise mania (including SCF weekend, a surprise party, and a thirty years tribute video!), I still had my actual birthday which included a cookies-in-bed-breakfast delivered by Greyson, lots of flowers, cheering on the Valley athletes (and our coach) at the Rally in the Valley community event, and then a sleepover in Allentown PA with Brandon to see Kipp Moore/Toby Keith play at the Allentown fair (which also included an upside down fair ride which was hilarious)

And the biggest birthday surprise of all came from a secret email address created by my sisters that was filled up with emails from my family and friends for me to read.  I mean, honestly.  bawlfest of America.  #luckiestgirlalive  (thank you to everyone who sent a message.  I am slowly making my way through them and replying back.  love you all xxoxo)

And now we are headed into our favorite season of all.  Already visiting more fairs, cheering on our favorite football teams, and pulling out our hoodies and closed-toed shoes.  Happy Fall to you all xxxox

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