Healthy lifestyle May

Monday, May 2, 2011

I don't weigh the suggested 115 lbs that a 5'4'' woman is supposed to weigh.  surprised?  I highly doubt that if you've ever seen my booty in person.  for reals.  But I don't want to weigh 115 lbs (nor have I weighed that much since the eighth grade), but I actually love that my round butt has no trouble filling out jeans and that when Grey snuggles up with me I act more like a pillow than a piece of plywood.  If I'm being honest (which talking about weight usually is) I'm also not fully comfortable with the amount of extra meat that motherhood has distracted me from trying to get rid of - so the month of May is going to be a push towards more healthy living in our family; not any crash diets or maniacal exercise plans - just better choices. 

Hello, My name is Tabitha and I'm a snacker [hello, Tabitha].  There's no way around it, I love snacking all day and would prefer to do this over big meals everyday of the week.  Plus, snacking kind of suits motherhood as I don't usually have time to sit down to an actual meal between the feeding, diapering, playing, and working part of my days.  So, I'm coming to terms with my snacking problem and confronting them head on.  I accept the fact that I can't (with any long term success) eliminate snacks from my life; but they certainly can be healthier snacks...which is what my month is going to be all about. 

I also want to make more of an effort to move my body more each day.  It already feels like I do a little moving already (mainly:  bend over, secure 23 lb baby, bend knees, lift said child, carry around on hip), but I want it to be deliberate movement.  More playing outside (yay warm weather!), more walking/playing with Bullet, more mum&grey dance parties. 

And now that Grey is a full on human food eater (including whole milk - hooray!), it is easier than ever to eat better.  Somehow it seems more important to me that good stuff is going into his tiny, new, not already filled with processed grossness, than my own, used up, eating junk my whole life body.  So if I'm making healthy food for him, its easy to just make enough for the both of us.  Thank you, Grey!

Anyone want to join in?  Its a no rules, do it your way kind of month.  You can do any wackadoo crash diet*, or commit to running marathon style, or just promise to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, or just forgo your bedtime snack.  I need encouragement so join in and let's cheer for each other:)  Good luck!

*We, at Team Studer, do not support or condone any crash diet, exercise plan, or eating disorder that causes harm to your body.  being skinny is NOT the point.  being comfortable in your own skin is.


  1. you go girl!
    you know i can't say i'm going to join in, but i will encourage you and listen your complaints about eating nasty-health food.
    hey, just realized... i had yogurt with strawberries and granola for lunch!!!

  2. Tab, it's so funny that I read your blog after writing mine today... I am on the high end of what I need to weigh. I am a snacker too. I also am an emotional eater. I eat when I'm happy, sad, tired, in pain... pretty much to celebrate every emotion I feel :-) I am going to take the Special K challenge, which is essentially eating special K 2x a day, another meal, unlimited fruits and veggies and if you want, a snack bar. KISS ~~ that's my motto! You can do this!!

  3. Sign my up, sista! I have a goal of 15 pounds to lose by the time Nile comes home the first week in June. And I also need encouragement!

  4. hooray! why are things so much easier when you don't have to do them by yourself? hahha, thanks for the support and i'm here for you guys too. wedding/bikini season - bring it on...we've got strength in numbers going on over here!

  5. I'm in! My whole "lose 15 lbs by my dress fitting in June/July" resolution will be here soon and I haven't lost a pound... woops!

    I started jogging this weekend though, 5 miles total that felt like a marathon. And I have been doing Jillian Michael's The Shred (level 1) a few mornings a week. It's a start! :-)

    If you find the cure for snacking... please share!