here comes greyson cottontail

Monday, May 2, 2011

We've arrived at our very last first holiday for Greyson!  Got that?  Its the last holiday that will be a first in Grey's life:  Easter!  Easter of 2010, I had this planet sized belly that was ready to produce our little baby only 4 days later (Grey was born on the Thursday after Easter).  We headed to Johnstown for the weekend to celebrate with family (and do some house hunting).  It was a whirlwind of a holiday (as they usually are), but a great one.  Booboo got spoiled to no end and we got a good idea on what we want to do going forward on the moving front as well. 

Big shout out to our fake real estate agent who not only stakes out potential houses, lets us crash her grandmas easter egg dying party, babysits our child while we go home hunting, learns five sign language signs on the fly, but also happens to be my best friend (hi, Katie!)

best friends; momma & baby style

Grey & Sophie

playing with Pappy Butch and Grammie

Studers in their Sunday best
Adams family in their Sunday best

Grey got to meet and play with his great Uncle Perry

hanging with his Pap pap


playing with poppa chum & abba

Mallory & Greyson playtime on the trampoline!

Playing with cousin Ariel
We had a wonderful holiday and are so grateful that so many people love our son.  We are reminded on a daily basis how many people love him - but when its a holiday and Greyson's hugs and kisses are increased exponentially - its so much more apparent.  We love our family and recognize that we are so blessed.

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