my second mother's day

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The day before mother's day, I got hit with a bout of the stomach flu and thought I was going to die.  And then I called in the reserves - ie. my in-laws, baby sister, and then had to talk my mom out of trekking all the way to ERie (thus ruining her mother's day - thank you though, mumma.  I know you would've been here if I didn't threaten you <3...just goes to show you, even at 27 years old, my mumma is still willing to do whatever I need her to do). 

On Mother's day, both my husband and father in law sat through an hour and a half mass (so sneaky scheduling first holy communion on Mother's day!!) without any whining, which was present enough.  But I also got the entire backyard mowed, a delicious lunch, two beautiful hanging baskets (that I quite honestly have a very weird obsession about), and so many helping hands to get the house ready for a week long of showings.  Oh yea, and it was a beautiful sunny day - happy mother's day to you, Mother Nature.

a family only a mother could be proud of :)  hehhe, just kidding...kind of

only 1 year ago!  My first mother's day!
Mother's day 2011 - 2nd mother's day:)

kissa kissa for grammie on Mother's day!

Brandon and his mumma on mother's day
So now that I have a whole year of mothering under my belt, what have I learned so far?
  • there is no such thing as mummie-time off.  even when i'm taking "mummie time outs," I'm still thinking about the baby
  • I used to be the girl that would say in a super judgemental judy tone; my kids will never do...blahblahblah and now if I could talk to that young version of me, I'd smack me and say, you have no freaking idea. 
  • gag reflex is about zero after a year of every possible body fluid ending up on your hands...or in your hair, or sometimes even in your mouth.
  • there is no feeling worse than not knowing how to help your child when he's in pain
  • being a mum gives you super powers you didn't know you had.  these super powers let you run on very little sleep, make up silly songs that impossibly rhyme about hygiene, sing babies to sleep from the driver's seat on long car rides, speak in different voices depending on the stuffed animal, and balance a  baby in one hand, laptop in the other, while holding the phone between  your chin and shoulder, and closing a door with your foot
  • being a mum is the best
  • being a mum is also the hardest
  • the mummie still trumps all. 
i'm happy to be his best friend for as long as he'll have me
And number 1 lesson:  Never, ever, EVER assume you can reprimand your child with a straight face.  One lift of those eyebrows or a hint of a devilish grin and I end up holding back a smile while trying to teach, you do not put rocks in your mouth - that is how people choke to death.

that face.  how can i not just want to kiss it?

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