Tab & Tash week of madness

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

After mother's day, Grey, Bully & I were very lucky and happy that my little sis decided to spend the week with us and  help out while Brandon continues to work in Johnstown.  It was only the forty-third time in my adult life that I have contemplated polygamy as a feasible lifestyle.  seriously, more than one woman in the house is kind of awesome.  Anywhooo, I was able to get lots of actual work and house work done while Tash was on hand for occupying baby and dog.  It was amazing.

Besides being handy for everyday living, it was also especially helpful since we had to sneak out of our house with said baby and dog numerous times to allow for potential buyers to check out our place.  But getting out of the house also meant that we could do things like:  meet Sammie & JP at the ERie zoo!
zebras, and babies, and wagons; oh my!

crazy swimming penguins!

our cute babies

Aunt Uch went all the way up to the top of the big kid playground with Grey!

Sammie says, "me-ow, me-ow, BIG me-ow"

Or meet Aunt Kitty (who drove up from Butler after work) at Preque Isle for a little late afternoon beach time.

Grey & his aunts feetsies

And lots of outside playtime while Mum got to get some work done in peace and quiet.

on a hot day - mummie lets you dunk your whole arm in a pitcher of water!

It was so nice having Uch here (hi, tash!)  Not just because she was such a huge help, but because she is my friend and it is so good to spend time with her and talk, talk, talk for a million years.  Thank you for staying with us, Aunt Uch.  We love you!

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