Little Miss Bossy - vacation lists

Friday, March 4, 2011

I am the bossiest.  But in my mind its less bossy and more an insane person's attempt at being as helpful as possible.  I like being in charge, so I usually the thought of not being in charge of everything that I normally am (see baby, dog, house) for two weeks makes me feel like I'm leaving a huge plate of unknown into the laps of people nice enough to take care of them for me.  So in a serious display of type A personality, I made lists like these:

For the grandparents who each set will have him for one full week.

this particular list is actually 4 pages long...crazy? YES.

For my cousin who is living in our house for the 2 weeks and taking care of Bullet too..these have been printed and left in the kitchen for him.

Brandon says its the teacher in me.  My mom says its the efficiency in me.  My mom-in-law says its the mother in me.  I say they're all trying to be too nice - its the control freak in me.  I'm not too proud to say it.

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