..and then he punched me, square in the face.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

this is a big deal.
for a lot of reasons.
this is a full 2 weeks away from our sweet booboo bear- boo:(
this is a full 2 weeks with just my husband and i -yay:)
i am the planner one - which means all the plans are up to me
i am also the bag packer one - which means most of the packing is up to me
..including grey's 2 week of supplies
i am also the list maker one - which means all the list making and the collecting of list items is up to me
add on to that, we are both trying to tie up loose ends for 2 weeks away from work

which means we are both exhausted, like more exhausted than normal married life with a baby and 3 pets

so finally last night, we caught a break.
i dropped Grey off at my friends house so I could run to Walmart to get last minute stuff for our trip
B ran to get a haircut and some last minute stuff he needed
I picked up Grey
B picked up dinner
we had dinner finished off, the baby in bed, and the dog played with all before 9p
We took the laptop in bed and caught up on one of our fav shows on hulu
and blissfully went to sleep before 9:45p...RECORD.

so we were semi-tangled in bed, so comfortable and relaxed from an early bedtime
and at around 2a, brandon heard Grey cough in his room,
and in his state of semi-dreaming thought it was Grey choking and was startled awake in a panic
in his jolt to reality, his hands went a flyin'
and he punched me, square in the face
so out of my peaceful slumber i was awoken
with a fist to the nose
b:  holycrapi'msorryareyouokayomigodsorrybabe
me:  ow.
then my nose started bleeding
and brandon kept apologizing a bajillion times while getting me tissues and glasses of water
and bullet moved closer to me because he sensed that something was wrong and licked my foot twenty times in a row
and my teeth felt like they were going to fall out
and then brandon was afraid my nose would be bruised for our vacation and turned on all the lights and did a full inspection of the state of my face
and he apologized twenty more times until i told him to stop apologizing for an accident and that it was annoying me
and then he said he remembered the sound it made when he punched me and he knew it was a really hard and then apologized AGAIN.
and i said that in my dream i had been running down a hallway and had gotten clotheslined
and then we both laughed because, really?  who does this happen to at 2 in the morning?


  1. Ok Tab. I'm glad that you're ok, but I have to tell you that I seriously laughed so hard when I read this that Caleb started laughing at me.

  2. hahha - thanks Beck! I'm laughing today too - so weird what happens when you're half awake/half asleep.