2 Weeks in Thailand Packing List

Monday, March 21, 2011

When we finally decided that we would be traveling up and down Thailand on our own, the thought of hauling rolling luggage was just too much.  So with Brandon's blessing, I went and purchased us backpacks from Amazon and we went on the hunt for suggested packing lists for 2 weeks in Thailand.  We collected some different packing lists based off of weather in March, gender, purpose of trip, and our own comfort...and then came up with the following lists.  We traveled to Thailand for 2 weeks in March.  We stayed in Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Phuket.  We traveled on our own (trains/buses).

Tabitha (girl)
2 short sleeve thin cotton shirts
2 short sleeve Nike dri fit shirts
4 pairs cotton capri pants
1 tank dress/bathing suit cover up
1 convertible skirt/dress
3 tank tops
1 long sleeve shirt
1 pair long pants
3 bathing suits
2 pairs of flip flops (only used 1 pair)
5 pairs underpants
2 sports bras
2 regular bras
5 pairs socks
1 pair sneakers
2 pleasure reading books
1 Lonely Planet Thailand book
1 Lonely Planet Thai phrase book
2 cotton bags (empty- used to carry small stuff to the beach/market/etc)
1 small purse for money/passports/itouch, etc

Brandon (boy)
4 short sleeve Nike dri fit shirts
2 pairs khaki shorts
1 pair jeans
2 long sleeve shirts (only used 1)
4 pairs socks
4 pairs underwear
1 tank
2 pairs swimming trunks
1 hat
1 pair flip flops
1 pair sneakers
2 hankerchiefs
1 PA Fish & Game magazine

Toiletries (carried between us)
2 bars of soap (donated 1 bar to the hilltribe)
1 small bottle of shampoo & conditioner
1 small bottle of face wash
contact solution & case
3 small packs of tissues
2 toothbrushes
1 hairbrush
1 small bag of make-up (mascara, lipstick, bronzer)
2 bottles of sunscreen (45 spf, 30 spf)
1 deodorant (we both use old spice)
1 togo bottle of febreze (best idea EVER)
4 ponytail holders
2 garbage bags (empty)
5 gallon ziploc baggies (empty)
3 small ziploc baggies (empty)
2 chapsticks

Technology (carried between us)
outlet converter
camera battery charger
itouch charger
2 cellphones (they were off the whole time to prevent roaming data charges)
headphone splitter (allows 2 headphones to go into the itouch at once)

Top five things that were most handy:
5. outlet converter
 - all the outlets that we encountered were the double round holes...which none of our regular American plugs fit.  But thankfully we had the outlet converter that allowed us to charge both our camera battery and itouch 
4. small packs of tissues
-were insanely helpful when using the restrooms in the train station and other locations that didn't have toilet paper readily avaiable.  most toilets were outfitted with a bidet which we are just not accustomed to..so we had our own paper ready when we needed it.
3. Lonely Planet Thai phrasebook
- filled with commonly used helpful phrases (like, "where can I buy a train ticket?" and "how much does that cost?")  It also includes the phrases in Thai, so if you totally butcher the pronuciation and a stranger that is trying to help you looks at you like they still have no idea what you're asking - you can just point to the phrase in Thai in the book...that happened more than twice on the trip.
2. ziploc bags
-we took them empty and then used them to transport leaky contact solution to the hilltribe, put our camera inside of it for water protection while on the bamboo raft, and put extra snacks inside while train riding
1. small bottle of febreze
-without access to washing machines, we resorted to washing our clothes in the hotel tubs (using hand soap) and then hanging them to dry outside.  When you are sweating and trekking in 95 degree weather, the hand soap doesn't necessarily always cut it for the armpit odor.  Febreze made the difference between gagging ourselves on our own stench and forgetting the fact that we wore the same 4 outfits over the course of 14 days

"washing" dirty clothes in the tub

hanging clothes to dry - then spraying them with Febreze:)
Top 3 things it would have been nice to have
3. small bottle of laundry detergent
2. bug spray
1. baby wipes/wet wipes

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