Mom's night off update

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mom's night off is still holding strong, thank goodness.  Game night is a hit or miss these days, so is cleaning day (hah), but Mom and Dad's night off are holding the line.  (We qualify wine during dinner as date night around these parts). 

Momma's night off has included:
1. baby free grocery shopping trips...last night I passed up a chance to skip another grocery store customer with a cart and half full of groceries even though I had four items.  I said, No seriously, standing here staring at gossip magazines is my mom-free time...take your time, dude, I got all night.

2. meeting up with mom friend, JP at Claytopia and painting, gossiping, and laughing our way to new pottery accessories.  We both agreed that using our brains for something wholly creative was invigorating and we need to do it more often.  Thank you to Groupon for making the trip almost FREE!

if that handpainted tree doesn't inspire you to create - nothing will :)
creep.  super focused on my teapot which is a visual representation of all my scatterbrained happiness

3. catching up on the phone with friends I haven't seen or talked to in far too long (shout out to Taryn & Karpy for making my mom's night off a ultra girly squealing and reminiscing fest)

4. Enjoying meals cooked by my husband and then cleaned up by my husband.  double score!

5.  BONUS:  some of my favorite shows are on Tuesday nights:  Glee, Raising Hope, AND Parenthood

Tuesdays are the best:)