baby love. YouCapture: Youth

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

With his first birthday only 16 days away, I want to document his tiny little baby traits while I still can.
baby tufts of hair

bum in the air sleeping<3

 your little hands wrapped round my finger and its so quiet in the world tonight.  your little eyelids flutter cause your dreamin, so i tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light.  to you everything is funny you got nothing to regret.  i'd give all i had, honey, if you could stay like that. 

oh darlin, don't you ever grow up. don't you ever grow up. you can stay this little.  oh darlin', don't you ever grow up, don't ever grow up, it can stay this simple
- taylor swift; "Never Grow Up"


This is my first You Capture assignment and I am already loving it.  I stumbled across this adorable blog while surfing the other day and instantly fell in love.  Each week she suggests specific "assignments" and challenges other bloggers to take pictures that fit the criteria.  This week's assignment was "youth," you can check out other pictures here.