Spa day & other good times

Friday, March 4, 2011

We were lucky to have Uncle Jonny & Ninny come visit this past weekend.  Grey got a whole lot of Ninny kisses and playtime with Uncle Jonny.

I'm just posting this pic because he looks flippin adorable in those overalls - hah
 Then the boys went ice fishing on Saturday and Grey went with us to JP's Uppercase Living open house.  We had a blast and even got to make our own coasters that we totally competed about...and Nin won (hers is on the left).

We also took Grey out for his first Hibachi experience at Aoyama and he LOVED it.  He was watching our chef like a hawk and squealed/yelled everytime he lit something on fire.

On Sunday, we were able to finally cash in our spa Christmas gifts.  Our amazing husband/fiance got us a The Goddess package from Coventina .

BEFORE (heh)
 So we had SIX hours of pampering including; Body Scrub, Vinyasa Shower, 60 minute massage, Facial, mani/pedi, hair style, & make-up.  And then our husband/fiance proposed to us again.

AFTER 6hours of total pampering


  1. Lovely photos! What a cute baby, love his eyes!
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  2. tab!!!!!! you are one hot mama!!!! you look red-carpet ready!