We get by with a little help from our friends (..& family!)

Monday, December 7, 2009

House reno continues with an update to the foyer and the fireplace tile.  My dad came up over the weekend and he and Brandon finished putting up the trim.  Juice arrived on Saturday and the foyer floor demo started.  Jason worked so hard bringing up the parkay flooring in the foyer out and Dad worked on replacing the tile in the fireplace hearth. 

We picked the same color tile for both the hearth and the foyer.  The inspiration was my Hands of Love photograph (I bought on the street in nyc).  All three guys worked on getting the tile down in the foyer and putting the grout in...who knew it took fifty million buckets of water to do that?!  I didn't.

Jon came up the following Friday (Brandon's day off) and they were like to men on a mission.  There were 8 truckloads between the old house and the new; two washers; two dryers; one refridgerator; a king size mattress, and our living room suit.  They only stopped for some burnt hamburgers (I don't know how to work the grill?!) and finished at almost 6pm. 

Brandon's parents came up on Saturday to help some more.  Mare painted the guest bathroom gray, which makes it look a little better than that light blue did.  It still needs an overhaul- but its stock has gone up.  Brandon and Rudy worked on moving everything else that he and Jon didn't bring over...which meant millions of random things.  Its amazing that we have collected even this much stuff just over a year.  We have quite a growing pile of garage sale/donation stuff in the garage.

We have really been so fortunate with our friends and family coming to visit to help us get into the new house.  We are reminded constantly of how lucky we are to be surrounded by love.

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