CV Alumni Turkey Bowl

Monday, December 7, 2009

Brandon and I had our first ever CV Alumni Turkey Bowl on thanksgiving morning this year.  After acting as DD the night before and seeing most of the players out, I was a little worried about no-shows for the next morning since we were starting at 10am.  However, even though we had some guys roll in at 2 minutes before the whistle, we had almost everyone show up, gear up, and play!  We had people willing to volunteer and bring snacks for the players, which was much appreciated.  We even had a considerable amount of spectators for the holiday and I was so happy with the turn-out. 

The teams were split up by graduating year and we had players ranging from 1977 grads to 2009 grads.  It was (mostly) flag-football with just a few illegal tackles sprinkled here and there to make the game more interesting.  In the end, the Gray team came out victorious but I think the true victor was the school.  Through players' fees, t-shirt sells, and donations from spectators; we raised over $730 for Conemaugh Valley.  That is something to be truly proud of for the first year!  Hopefully next year will be even more successful. 

Valley is an integral part of mine & B's was where we met and first fell in love, it is where we still have good friends, it is where people knew who we were before we going back and sharing this with other alumni makes me so proud of where we came from. 

Thanks to everyone who helped in making the day a success.  It wouldn't have happened without all of you!

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