Families to the rescue!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankfully, we have been blessed with helpful women and hardworking men in our lives.  We had a whole crew of people come up to help us get the house ready to move in.  My parents arrived on Thursday night and got a tour of the house.  By Friday afternoon, my sisters and Jordan arrived and started helping right away.  The boys had a blast demo-ing the bedroom wall.  I think they secretly love tearing stuff down.  The girls got right to cleaning and painting. 

Brandon and I had already purchased tickets for the Darius Rucker concert on Friday night (for Brandon's birthday) so we left my fam to their own devices at our old townhouse and headed out to the concert. 

By the time we got back  (around 11pm) it looked like there was a carbon monoxide leak in the apt!  haha, they were laying all over the floor mostly sleeping or barely awake watching tv.  I guess we worked them too hard! 

Brandon's parents made it to Erie late late Friday night and agreed to sleep in the new house with Rosie!  Saturday morning we all got straight to work and Marianne was well on her way primer-ing like a pro.  The women literally painted for a day straight (unbelievable). 

The men were able to put dry wall up for the walk-in closets, close off the kitchen and expand the foyer entrance.  In just a day, our families had transformed our house into more a home than we ever would have been able to do on our own.  We are so lucky!

On Sunday, we were so happy to stand up for Mallory as her godparents.  She did a very good job in church.  She is such a sweetheart and the cutest little thing.  It was nice to take a break from house work to spend time with family and our goddaughter (and Stef & Justin!) 

By Sunday evening, almost all of our vistors had headed home.  Rudy made the roundtrip of a lifetime to drop Marianne (and Rosie!) off in Pittsburgh then drove all the way back up to Erie to stay and help B with the mudding of the dry wall (ugh).  B and Rudy worked all day Monday and then were joined by Koch for more help.  The guys got all of the dry wall mudded and ready for painting by Tuesday night.  Again- could never have got all of that done by ourselves.  We have a lot of payback for all of this help!  Big thank you party to come in the near future!

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