12 months of kindness- update

Monday, December 7, 2009

Well, our 12 months of kindness is almost to an end (only one month to go!)  I am mostly proud of our effort throughout the year towards the goal, but as we didn't complete every single month, I am a little disappointed too.  There have been two months where we have let our lives take control of us and we didn't hold ourselves accountable to pushing ourselves to be kind to others.  Here is a wrap-up of our kindness so far:

January:  $50 goods to the Local Humane Society

Feburary:  bake cookies for the local fire department

March:  March Madness tournament with friends/family (donation to PA Special Olympics)

April:  Start composting & plant tree raspberry bush

May:  Studer Scholarship at Valley

June:  $100 goods donation to food bank

July:  Beer Olympics with friends (proceeds to benefit Make-A-Wish foundation)

August:  Donate to donorschoose.org

September:  Participate in Operation Shoebox

October:  Participate in Trick-or-treat for Unicef

November:  $50 goods donation to food bank

December:  Bake cookies for local nursing home

I'll be working on our December kindness next week, and I'll update with some cookie pics- yum!  As you can see, we dropped the ball in September and November...I am only blogging this because I think its important to share that even with the best intentions; it might not be possible to do everything you set out to do.  However, even though we weren't able to finish the full year of kindness; we made HUGE strides in helping others through almost the whole year.  I am fully planning on creating another set of 12 months of kindness for 2010 (maybe re-working/changing some of the months). 

I hope that some can be inspired by how easy it can be to set a small goal of helping others a little each month.  We'll probably never know how far our help has reached..but I do know that it feels good to give:) 

Giving IS receiving.

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