Before & After House pics

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our new house is slowly, but surely coming together now; so I wanted to share some before and after pics- just like HGTV...hahha, in a blog.

We made some mayjah changes to the foyer at the front door.  We replaced the floor to beautiful gray tile and closed off the wall (used to lead into the "awkward room").  My dad made a gorgeous (and practical!) coat rack that hangs on the wall leading into the house.  The bench is from ALDI!  The accent wall color was inspired by the photograph hanging in the foyer, which I bought off the street in NYC.  It's called "Hands of Love."
Foyer before:

Foyer after:

The biggest change in the dining room was the paint.  The previous owners had some super-bright orange paint all through the dining room and that needed an update for sure.  We also expanded the walkway from the foyer to be wider so you got a better look into the rest of the house when you first walked in.  We then had to close the other walkway (used to lead into the "awkward room") since we closed that off to expand our bedroom.
Dining Room before:

Dining Room after:

The Living Room/Fireplace room didn't need too many changes.  Our moms and my sisters gave it a re-paint from peach to antique white.  Dad, Brandon, and Juice changed the fireplace hearth tile to match the foyer.   And of course- we added our furniture (and in this pic our Christmas decorations!)

Living Room/Fireplace room before:

Living Room/Fireplace room after:

There is much to still be done with the guest bathroom.  But, we made a minor update so that I could stand to walk in there (haha, I'm just being a brat).  Marianne painted it gray, to semi-match the tile which I think gives it a little boost.  So not horrible anymore, but not great either.
Guest Bath before:

Guest bath after:

Finally, we are mostly done with the basement (aka Brandon's "man cave") but still need to do some organizing and setting up of the bar area.  In the condition of preg&sober, this has somehow dropped on my list of things that need to get done right away..haha, go figure!  But Brandon painted the walls a chocolate mousse like color and we got a brand new sectional couch...that has four recliners.  It really is B's favorite place to be...and where our fish live!
Basement before:

Basement after:

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