Deer Season comes to a close

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Although our family had some great luck with rifle season this year- on the first day!- Dad shot an 8-point and Jordan got a 5-point...Unfortunately, ya can't win 'em all...B got to go out and hunt as much as possible- between work and getting the house in order.  However, he wasn't able to bag a big buck this deer season.  We are totally out of deer meat, so the last day of the season (pretty much at the last minute; it was already dark) he shot a doe to get us some meat.  He doesn't like shooting does, but it was a moment of desperation and we got a lot of good steaks & roasts out of it.  For all my vegetarian or PETA-esque friends- we love animals too.  Brandon doesn't hunt just to do it- we eat everything he hunts/catches.

The end of deer season (archery + rifle) also means the end of camo madness in our house.  I compromised with Brandon that during hunting season (October- first two weeks of December) means he gets free reign on the decor in our bedroom and bathrooms.  So, for the past two and half months we've had camo sheets, a buck-skin comforter, birch-like bathroom accessories, and camo shower curtains.  I was happy to get those all down this week and get back to "normal."  Hooray for bed sheets with more than 100 thread count and our big fluffy comforter back!!

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