Empire State of Mind...Let's hear it for New York!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I had a fun pre-baby trip to NYC with Lindsay to pick up her sister in the city this past weekend.  It was great to get away for the weekend with friends and laugh a lot.  We spent time in the city from Thursday night until Sunday morning...yes, right during the crazy blizzard that hit the east coast.  We got some shopping done, but it was mostly all about walking around, seeing the city decorated for the holidays, and eating!  We also got a chance to swing by a few bridal shops to do some wedding dress shopping for Lindsay- so exciting and so glamorous to do while in the city.  It was a great trip!

As always, I made a quick stop at St. Patrick's Cathedral because it is just too beautiful and peaceful to pass up.  It was decorated beautifully for the holiday too- which made it even more special.

I also got some much needed visiting time with some of my NYC friends Sabrina, Stirling, and Elena.  So happy to be able to catch up with them in Brooklyn<3  I miss it everyday.

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