New Years Resolution Anticipation

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some people may dread the new year for its persistent nagging for making a resolution or for its annoying tendency to have you initial all of your checks after you correct your date for the first few days...but i love me so new year.  I love the idea that you get a fresh start.  I love the new years eve party, duh.  I love scribbling in all my favorite dates, plans, and birthdays in a clean, fresh calendar.  And I love, love new years' resolutions.  Just because I love them, does not guarantee that I can hold on to them all year long - but you can bet your bottom dollar that I give it a good go.  If you know anything about me, know that I am a girl that loves making lists.  And there is no greater list than the new year's resolution list:)

2011 is going to be all about the shrinking down.  Yes, I am going to be making a serious attempt at shrinking myself down (isn't that the most likely new years resolution of all time?) but more importantly, we are going to be shrinking down all of our STUFF.  How is it possible that in the 2.5 years that we have been married we have got all this STUFF lying around.  I am so excited about this, I started working on my The Year of the Shrinking Studers effort a little early...

I have somewhat of a book buying (&hoarding) problem.  It is justified in the fact that I actually read them, however, there really isn't ANY reason that I have so many books piling up all over the house.  Plus, I quite honestly should not be allowed in a bookstore unsupervised.  I know, the environment, Tabitha!  For goodness sakes, move to a flipping e-reader already!?  But I just can't, it's not just the stories and the writing that I love, but the actual book in my hand; turning the pages; dog-earing the page and coming back to it later to re-read some beautiful quotation.  So I just can't make the tech switch - however, I do understand that I have a buying/hoarding problem..and the first step is admittance right?
So, quite ironically, while I was looking at one of my new favorite blogs about minimalist living, one commenter wrote about using the website: and I had a little bit of a heart palpitation.  A place that has tons of books that you can trade back and forth, whaaat?  Granted it took a moment of panic to realize that once I "trade" my book, I'll never see it again, but when I walked down to take a look at what books I thought I could live without - I realized that actually quite a bit of them could go out the door and I wouldn't mind.  I immediately pulled 13 books that I entered into the site for fair trade.  And within 4 hours I had already found two books I'd like to have and two of my books had been requested from others!  Is it really as nerdy as it sounds that I'm this excited.  I don't care, I want to yell from the rooftops - I love paperback swap!  I do have a few books that I will not be posting because they are my favorites and I've read them more than once, and will probably re-read them again.  Of course, that's the beauty of the site, if I don't want to trade- I don't post 'em.  I love this new year's resolution already:)

Update:  Within a week, I had 6 of my books requested!  Off they went; postage costing less than the a new book purchases and I will have 6 credits to go towards books of my choice.  oh happy day!

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